Ellen: Have a Little Fun Today Slot Review

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The new Ellen: Have a Little Fun slot machine is on the top of my list of the top new releases this year. This game is loaded with bonuses, multipliers, and one of the best random spin features ever created.  The game has a similar feel to the original Ellen game.  It is a 40 line game and includes the extra bet for the bonus multiplier. The top multiplier bonus is 10x.  Expect a 3x or 4x on most bonuses.  The minimum bet is .50 per spin and .75 per spin with the multiplier enabled. The max bet is 3.75 for a penny denomination.  It is also available in higher denominations.



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Lets take a look at the paytables. This game features four different Ellen character symbols, the red and the yellow symbols are the most valuable at 200 credits for five of a kind.  This game also has a great top symbol hit for wilds being 500 credits.  At 40 lines a full screen of wilds will pay $200.  At max bet that makes it $1000.


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The random feature may trigger during any bought game.  When Ellen pops down with 4 other characters on top of the reels, any 3 or up to 5 characters may fall over the reels and give you a chance for either 1 wild 2 wilds or a full wild reel.  It is possible to get all 5 wild reels for a top of the line hit.


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There are 3 feature bonuses on this game.  IGT brought back the Wheel bonus, which is no different than the original.  It features 2 top credit prizes. There is also the credit boost, which doubles all credit prizes, and gives you another spin. The total credit amounts is then multiplied by your initial bonus multiplier when you trigger the bonus.

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A new bonus brought in is the What's in the Box Bonus.  You begin by picking one of three curtains. You will win credits, but also the ability to trigger a “prize parade” which brings presents of credits across the screen.  You may also get a gift card which awards a larger credit prize. 

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In addition to these two upgrades, you may also trigger one of the other 2 bonuses instead. The wheel of riches bonus, or the other new “Have a little fun today” free spins. The new free spins bonus is definitely the bonus you want to trigger.

The Have a Little Fun Today Free Spins.  These free spins play exactly as the random wilds feature.  You are guaranteed to receive the random wilds on every spin. This is definitely the bonus to get.  With the ability to get 5 wild reels is the goal here.  Do not forget the multiplier bonus when you trigger the bonus of up to 10x.  This makes the top hit on a minimum bet $2,000. For a max bet it brings it to $10,000.

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As you can see below, the paytables are exactly the same as the base game. Adding in the initial triggering multiplier this is what gives this bonus the edge as the best bonus in this game.  The ability for 5 free spins in which you can theoretically get 5 wild reels on each spin gives this bonus the top billing for this game. 

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Overall this game is chock full of fun, features, and ability to get great wins.  This game is a fun to enjoy this game over long sessions. IGT hit a homerun with this sequel. They stayed true to the fans of the original and expanded the bonuses and features that made this series popular.  The best part of all, before you go to the casino, you can play this game for free on DoubleDown Casino on Facebook.  Check it out, give it some free spins and then go to the casino and enjoy this amazing game!