Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions new players often ask. Or check out How It Works
Comp offers such as complimentary rooms, show tickets, food and beverage credit are the most powerful tools in a casino’s marketing arsenal. They are far more effective at bringing players in the door than any billboard or commercial. Unfortunately, because comp offers are always tied to what the casino knows about how much a player plays, casinos are typically unable to offer comps to players that aren’t already in the casino’s database. The casinos would go out of business if they blindly gave high-value offers to every person that walked in the door so players have to prove their level of play in the casino on their first trip in order to begin receiving offers.
Because casinos never share player information with competitive casinos, players often find themselves “stuck” repeatedly visiting the same old casinos that send them offers because players don’t want to “start over” at a new casino where they don’t have any offers.
URComped bridges this information gap and unlocks new offers for our players by independently verifying our clients’ casino play level. We then aggressively negotiating upfront comps and exclusive offers with our partner casinos based on each client’s level of play. Our casino partners win because they are able to attract new qualified players with compelling offers. Our clients win because they can now access new offers and enjoy fresh experiences at casinos and cruise lines in the US and abroad.
URComped has exclusive offers available for all levels of players. We have offers that range from discounted retail packages called Play-To-Qualify all the way up to private jets and in-room butler service.
Play-To-Qualify offers are introductory offers for new players on URComped. These offers are SUPER discounted hotel rates (cheaper than Expedia!) and include a play threshold to get your trip comped. If you hit the threshold the cost of the trip is refunded to you at checkout. If you don't hit the play threshold, no problem! You still get a discounted hotel room! These first trips are used to get your play data from the casino so once you take a Play-To-Qualify trip with us we will have your ratings and can use those to get you even BETTER comps at any of our other partner casinos.
No. URComped is free for players. We are paid by the casinos.
URComped is a completely free service whose goal is to help players discover, create and share new VIP experiences. There are four pillars that serve as the foundation of URComped:
Access - URComped clients gain access to new offers, events, and VIP experiences at casinos and cruise lines around the world.
Convenience - We invest heavily in technology and customer service to make every URComped interaction as effortless as possible. Whether you choose to book via email, phone, text or clicking a button on our site, a URComped host will personally make sure every detail is taken care of (so you don’t have to).
Transparency - URComped aims to demystify the world of casino comps and educate our players on ways to maximize the value they receive from casinos.
Service - We bend over backwards to make sure that every one of our customers truly feels like a VIP. We win customers by opening new doors; we keep customers through our outstanding service.
It takes about two minutes to sign up for URComped - you will answer a few questions about where you play, what games you like and how much you typically budget to play with. You will then see Play-to-Qualify offers at our partner casinos and cruise lines based on your answers from the sign up.
After your first trip with URComped, we will use your play on trips with us to negotiate the best offers possible for you.
If you are an active player at a particular property - meaning you have played at that casino in the last 12 months - then the casino already knows how much you play and what they want to offer you. There isn’t much we can do in those cases.
However, we do have several players that were already active at certain URComped partner properties when they signed up and they now book all of their trips and offers through us because they enjoy the convenience our VIP service.
Absolutely! In fact, Darryl McEwen, also known as the Seven Stars Insider, is a URComped customer. He recently wrote an article about using URComped.
We take pride in booking your Diamond and Seven Star trips in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks (if you’ve booked one before, you know what we’re talking about with the long delays).
Yes! Our team works closely with upper management at each of our partner properties to make sure our players receive the maximum amount of comps based on their play at the end of each trip.