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Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol.1

Can I have more than one cruise booked with URComped? 

There are 2 answers to this question...

1. If this would be your first URComped sailing, then typically the rule is that you can only have one booked.

That's because cruise lines like to see that somebody actually plays at the level that we think they're going to play at before they let them book multiple cruises. The cruise lines and casinos want to see real play data, before they'll book more than one. They don't want to have somebody who kind of looks like a good player (they've got a nice looking offer uploaded to their profile), book them on multiple cruises, and then they're really not that great of a player.

2. After you've completed that first sailing/trip, and you've proven that you play at the level that we think, or maybe it's higher or lower, then you can book more than one sailing at a time.

Can I use a Certificate to book a Cruise through URComped?

If I earn a cruise certificate on board, or as a tier benefit, can I book it through URComped. Can I give my certificate to someone else?

So let's say you earn a certificate on your first cruise, and now you want to book your second URComped cruise. There are two roads that we can go on. (This is what your URComped host will do to get you the best offer possible.)

1. The certificate is going to have sailings listed at a specific cabin category. If you want to use your certificate, we can only book you on the sailings that are listed at the cabin category that you received (Inside, Ocean View, Balcony). They are not transferable, meaning you wouldn't be able to give your certificate to a friend. 

2. We can use your play data from the trip you earned the certificate on, which is probably pretty good since you earned a certificate, to book you on any of our other sailings or get you a better deal (because of the special relationship we have with our cruise partners.) The certificates have a cash value (ex: $500 or $1,000) as well that can be applied towards the cost of another sailing.

Your URComped host will look at what's going to get you the best deal/ offer!

In regards to using the certificate for a second room, the Cruise lines won't let us transfer certificates, because they're giving it to a player, because of how much that person plays in the casino. They don't want to give it to your 17 year old nephew, that isn't old enough to gamble. The offers are for the person that earn the offer.

What if 2 people in the same household both earn a certificate on board? Can they use two certificates on the same sailing in order to have another room? cont..

What Cruise Line is better for Comps?

There's more than one way to answer this, but from our current experience, Royal Caribbean has given us the most flexibility to make offers to players of all levels.

You don't have to play at a super high level. Royal Caribbean has been a great partner by giving us offers for players that fall under the comp line and get discount rates. Royal Caribbean is aggressive with discounted offers that are still amazing offers. They'll typically be half or two thirds off of what you would pay for retail. So for somebody in the discount segment, Royal Caribbean has the most to offer.

Other cruise lines have great Comps as well. MSC has been a phenomenal partner. Celebrity Cruise Line has been giving us more amazing offers as well. It's tough competition for which cruise line is best for comps. We love all of our partners, and it depends on what level a player plays at.

Can URComped book me on sailings that aren't on the website?

If you want to book something in the future on certain dates, the answer is YES! We have got offers that go out about 13 months right now.

If you've sailed with URComped before, you can talk to your host and book something that's not promoted. We will get you the best offer possible. If it's your very first trip, you do have to book one of our promoted offers (something that's on the website when you are logged in).

After you've uploaded your offers and have been pre-qualified. We've got a plethora of sailings to choose from. Once you complete your first trip, then you can book another sailing that isn't listed on our site, if you want.

When you are thinking about booking your next sailing, please talk to your host!

Does URComped offer international or overseas cruises?

Yes! We have several international/ overseas cruises. We have cruises out of Australia, going to Singapore, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Brazil, and more! Typically with our cruises that are more exotic, they tend to come quick and go quick. The casino blocks have less cabins, because they don't run these cruises as frequently. Therefore, something like a Mediterranean cruise offer would only have 5 - 10 cabins blocked for us to promote. Because they tend to go away fast, if you see one you like, definitely tell your URComped host that you are interested, and we'll get you booked on it!

Can you choose your own cabin, or are they assigned?

Yes, you can choose your cabin, based on availability.

The offers we promote can sometimes fall under a certain category within balcony, ocean view, or inside. As long as you choose a cabin that is in the same category as what we are able to comp you, you can select your cabin from what is available.

Do cruise lines give free drinks to casino players?

Absolutely! If URComped is booking you on a comp level and it's your first trip, the cruise line will give you that comp drink level. The expectation from the cruise line is that you earn that comp drink status on your first cruise. Then on your next cruise with that cruise line, you'll receive free drinks again.

In some cases, if it's a discounted cruise we are booking, then depending on the cruise line, they might not give comp drinks in the casino. But, if you're at a comp level and you are booking with us, you're going to get free drinks in the casino!

Not Sure What URComped is?

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