Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol. 4

Can I book a cabin for my family or just casino players?

Yes, URComped can book more than just gamblers. We have people that bring the kids all the time, but the cruise line won't comp the minors.

To go into detail, if it's a single adult with a child, then the cruise line would comp the adults fair, but they would not comp the child. If it's two adults and one child, they would comp the two adults and the minor would have to pay.

In relation, for example, going from a two person comp to wanting to book four people the price change is way more than what the player expects. And so we get questions like "If its comped for two why does it cost $3,000 or something for a comp for four?"

To explain- Let's say that for a double occupancy cabin it's $800 per person for two adults. So the comp amount is $1600.

So for 2 adults the casino has agreed to comp $1600, and the 2 adults then decide to bring 2 kids. The thought process typically makes you think that the kids are less expensive (maybe around $400) so you think that you'd pay $800 for taxes and fees

On the contrary, there are not many quad or 3-person cabins on the ship within the different cabin categories. What happens with a quad, because they're in a lot more demand, instead of the cabin being $800 for the two adults, it jumps up to $1400, even though it's still the same category cabin (balcony, inside, etc.).

So now the price has jumped and the casino is only comping $1600, which doesn't even cover the cost for 2 adults in a Quad cabin, and you still have to pay for kids (maybe $500 per kid).  So this is why sometimes if you're adding extra guests, the price jumps up more than you might think.

Can I get comped on Holland America or Princess Cruise Lines if I am a current Carnival cruiser?

URComped has a contract with Holland America and Princess Cruise lines which says that if you've sailed with Carnival, in the last 24 months then we're not supposed to book you on one of their sister cruise lines. We've booked players in the past that had been active with Carnival and were able to move them to a sister line- Princess or Holland America. We recently had some comp requests that were rejected for the reason that they saw that the person was active with Carnival within the last 24 months. If they've been active with Carnival the last 24 months, we are not supposed to book you with Princess or Holland America.

BUT, we have other options including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, MSC cruise lines, and Bahamas paradise.

How do you know who your URComped host is?

How do you know who your URComped host is if you've just signed up, and you haven't actually booked the trip. Everybody that signs up with URComped is assigned a host. Usually you wouldn't really start interacting with the host until you request a trip.

So the process is you sign up, you upload pictures of your offers, and you see what offers we're promoting for you. Once you request or claim an offer, it goes to the host, and they'll reach out to you to get any information that we need to book the trip. Now if you've signed up and have a question, you can reply to any of the emails we send (weekly emails with the offers) and your reply will automatically be sent to your host. You can also text a question to your host at 972-788-1785 or email

How long will it take to find out if you qualify for URComped offers?

It can be very quick, and part of it depends on the offers you upload.  A lot of times it's within the same day, or within 24-48 hours, that we can verify your level of play and then you're qualified to book cruise. If you upload a free play offer from a smaller casino in the middle nowhere, and we don't have a lot of information, then it may take a little bit more time. We may need to speak to your host at that casino to verify the play.

If you're already an active cruiser, with a different cruise line and you're getting casino offers, then we can turn that around really quick.

Do we upload new offers every time we get them from the casino?


If you've already sailed with URComped, then you don't need to upload new offers.

If it's been a while since you sailed with us (back in 2017), and the cruise line/ casino we're working with wants some kind of fresh data, we may ask for it then.

But, if you sailed recently with us, then all your offers going forward are going to be based on your play with URComped. So unless we ask for it, then you wouldn't have to keep uploading new offers.

If you haven't sailed with us yet, and you've uploaded offers that are verified, you shouldn't have to keep uploading offers unless something changes in a big way. For example, you uploaded land based casino offers and now you've gotten the invite to a cruise certificate event- You should upload that! Otherwise, you wouldn't need to continually upload new offers.

To get a comped cruise for 2, do we have to have offers for both people?

To get a cruise totally comped for a couple, do they have to have offers for both people or just for one?

You only have to have one player's offers to get a comped cruise.

It does help to have both, because that will show that both people in the cabin play. Generally speaking, the comp would be based on whoever seems to be the bigger player for that first trip. The reason why is that some people go to a land based casino(we even tell people this to maximize your comps) and both of you play on the same players card. That way, it looks like you're one player that plays big, and on the next trip you both play on the other person's players card. Eventually, they both look like two pretty big players, when really they're individually half the amount.

The cruise lines decide who has the better offers and then they'll comp based on that. On your first cruise, after you actually play with us, URComped will combine your play for all future offers. If you want to link your URComped accounts, your offers would be based on your combined play.

In summary, if it's your very first trip, it's tough to combine but can be done. Otherwise, your offers would be just based on one person's offers.

Does URComped always link a player's account to their spouses?

We do not- it is OPTIONAL.

After your first trip, you will get an email (once we get your play data) stating that your play is now verified and ask if you like us to link accounts with your guest. Do not link your account with someone who doesn't always travel with you.

If you do want to link accounts, respond "Yes, I'd like to link our accounts." Going forward, your offers would be based on your combined play.

How do I get on the Brian Christopher Cruise?

Go check out Brian Christopher's YouTube channel for information on the Brian Christopher cruise. He uploaded a amazing video from his last Rudy's cruise. Check it out! Look up Brian Christopher he's is a super fun guy that's posting YouTube videos. He's got thousand of subscribers- he's just exploded. I mean, really just based on his talent and he's he's been awesome. His slot channel is probably number one in subscribers. We worked with Brian to do an annual cruise that's a lot of fun. For all the information go to Brian's YouTube channel for his February Cruise next year-2020, and he's got the link on there to to book!

Can a cruise be booked for one passenger or is a second one needed?

You can book for one passenger! Any comp that we show is for two, but if you qualify for it and want to sail solo, that's totally fine.

If you are on the fence about having a guest or not- If you don't have a guest right now and think you'll have one- then it's a good idea to book and put a placeholder name in for your second guest. You do this so that when you get closer to the sail date, and the ship fills up (there's a Coast Guard mandated limit), if you want to have a guest you've already got that place holder.If you registered single and then you want to add a second person, but the ship is already over that limit, you may not be able to. If you're just you're planning on finding another adult guest, you pick anybody, and we'll swap it out later.

How long will it take for a host to get back to me?

We strive to get back as fast as possible. Our core values are A.C.T.S. A is for Access, C is for convenience, T is trust and transparency and S is for speed and special service. We're very focused, getting back to people as fast as possible. In periods of super high demand, response times maybe a little bit delayed. On average within one business day, you should get a response. But again, if hosts are slammed- it maybe two to three business days. Most people who have used URComped have commented that our team is generally very responsive.

Also, depending on when the cruise line gets back to your host will affect when your host can get back to you with certain information. If you're a new member with URComped, We have to send information over in order to get your comp approved. A lot of times your host is waiting on the cruise line. If you have ever booked something with us at a Caribbean casino just be prepared, because they're on Island time.

Does URComped work with Land Based Casinos? 

Yes, we do. Our big focus and the vast majority of our business is with cruise lines. We have a growing Caribbean casino business; we've got an event in July at Melia Punta Cana, which is going to be a ton of fun.

We do have some partnerships with land based casinos. It's not something we focus on too much. You'll see on our site that we'll periodically have meet ups or offers with Land Based Casinos. June 6-9 at Main Street Station Downtown, Las Vegas we have a craps event. We do work with Golden Nugget. Sometimes we'll work with the Venetian. We've done events in Lake Tahoe before.  But our focus is on cruises and Caribbean casinos.

What if I don't have offers to upload to URComped?

From the perspective that you are a new player, or just you're not getting offers yet from casinos, URComped can book you at a casino rate for certain group events or meetup cruises. That's for players that don't have the gaming history, but they want to prove themselves and establish their play. Casino rate is a discounted rate, which is kind of your best bet.

We don't offer that on every cruise, but we do it on our our big meetup cruises. So if you log in and don't have any offers, you should still see some events with the discounted rate. 

Sometimes if you have a host or even a win/ loss statement from the casino, that could help you get offers. But if you don't have any offers and there's no way for us to prove to the casino that you're a player, then you just book on a casino rate for a meet up event.

What if you don't spend what your bankroll is?

Let's say URComped sends somebody on a cruise and their expectation is $5000 bankroll. Then they clearly didn't play what the cruise line expected, what we expected and what we negotiated for. What happens is URComped doesn't give that player offers or the players offers will be significantly lower.

Certain land based casinos (ex. Venetian, Baha Mar, etc.) could reverse the comp and make you pay for your room if you don't play to the expectation. URComped is up front to let a player know if there is a chance that a comp could be reversed. It will say it clearly in the offer.

What table games give you the best comps?

Roulette is going to give you good comps. Three card poker is pretty good out of the common table games. Craps is one that's on the opposite end of the spectrum. It is really tough to generate points, same with Baccarat. The games that can be slower, or where the house edge is really small (the theoretical just doesn't generate as fast and comps are based on on theoretical) are going to generate comps less aggressively. We've got a lot of table players, especially where their theo doesn't generate a lot, but their actual play can be higher. One of the special perks about URComped is we're able to look at either and then negotiate on a player's behalf to get the best offer.

Do Casinos give better comps to people further away?

Do players from out of the country get better offers? NO.

Offers with cruise lines are based on how much they play and trip theoretical.

Do Las Vegas casinos give better offers to people that are further away compared to their local players? YES!

That same principle applies to any local casinos. There's definitely a proximity principle where a player who lives right next to the casino is going to come in no matter what vs. someone who is two hours away is going to need a sweeter offer to get them there. Somebody further away from a land based casino may get a better offer than someone closer, even though they are the same level player.