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Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol 6.

What is a direct connect offer?

A direct connect offer means we, URComped, are connecting you directly with a host on a specific property. Golden Nugget is one of our direct connect offers for example. We do that because we don't have access to their systems, and a lot of times with Las Vegas trips, people's flights get delayed, push back a day, or there's a lot of last minute changes that can happen (that typically don't happen with cruise trips). It's easier and actually better for the player that we connect you right away directly to ex. Golden Nugget. We don't make any money doing this. It is a service to you and the properties like it you. It's a good deal if you want to go Downtown Vegas!

If I have a cruise booked with Royal Caribbean, can I also have a cruise booked with Celebrity?

The answer is YES. The only exception is if it's your very first trip with URComped, then you have to typically complete your first trip before you can book another trip. If you've taken a trip with URComped, you're verified as a player, then you can book a trip with Celebrity Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean simultaneously.

Does Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have the same play criteria for comps?

No, but it does depend on the market dynamics like in anything. There are different factors that could cause the price of a certain sailing to go down or up. Typically Celebrity cruises are a little more expensive and so criteria is a little bit higher. But sometimes, like when the Celebrity Edge first launched, we got some amazing offers. The criteria is pretty similar but Royal Caribbean is a little bit more aggressive.

Will my casino play with one cruise line affect my offers from another cruise line? 

Let's say you're established with one cruise line through URComped at an ocean view level, and then you play slightly less or more on a different cruise line. Would that affect your original offers? The answer is it depends! We silo the offers based on the partner/ cruise line.

If your very first cruise through URComped was with MSC, for example, then we've got the actual play data on that first MSC trip.  All your cruise offers can be based on that until you go on another trip. Let's say you go to a different line, Royal Caribbean, and now your Royal Caribbean offers will be based on just your Royal Caribbean play, and your MSC offers will be based on just your MSC play. The other offers with other cruise lines will be based on the average of the two.

As soon as you start establishing play with individual cruise lines, your offers are based on your play with that specific line.

Because Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are sister companies does that have a different dynamic? No, they're two different cruise lines and they treat play separately.

Do URComped's cruise offers come with free play?

Royal Caribbean gives us offers that they also send directly to their players. Occasionally, those do have free play amounts. So yes, but it's not common. More of our land based casino partners have been adding free play to their offers now, so keep an eye out for those.

 Does URComped work with land based casinos?

We just launched an offer at M Resort Casino and Spa in Las Vegas, Tropicana Las Vegas, at L'Auberge Lake Charles, and Margaritaville Bossier City. Those offers are live. You just need to have taken a trip with your URComped before or upload a land based offer with free play. For these offers, that's going to be key in determining what comp you will get. So if you've played with us, then we'll know right where to put you, but if you have it, we're going to use offers to qualify you for a stay at one of those resorts.

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (ITS FREE) upload offers that you've received from either land based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for! 

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