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Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol 13.

If I travel solo on a comped cruise, do I pay double?

The offers you see on URComped are based on your play. So if you're solo, and you're seeing a comp, there is no surcharge for traveling by yourself, because your play qualified you for a comp for 2. In most cases, if you are traveling with a spouse or a travel companion, we can link your accounts and then the offers you see would be based on your combined play.

If you have a linked account and the comp is based on your combined play and you're traveling solo, then the offer would be different based on just your play.

What is bankroll? What does it mean?

Casinos ask us what a player's bankroll is when we submit a comp reservation. They want to know, how much is this person planning to budget to gamble. The casinos, as a rule of thumb, like to see three to four hours of play on average per day. 

Why it's important? So let's say in an unfortunate situation, you book your trip and say your bankroll is $5000. Within the first 2 days of your cruise, you have terrible luck and blow through your bankroll. So then it's very likely you're not going to play for three hours per day if your bankroll is all gone in the first two days. The cruise line can look at your bankroll and know that that's why you stopped playing.

The cruise line, especially with a new player, want to know the bankroll just so they can know what to expect, and also use that information when they're deciding what level comp to offer.

What is a qualified player?

A qualified player is someone we can prove to a casino partner that is qualified for an offer.

Ways to be qualified:

1. You upload offers URComped that will be used to prove that you're a player who qualifies.

2. You have taken a trip through URComped before and we have that play data to use to show you are qualified.

3. You have a casino host at a property you play at (local, Vegas, or Atlantic City) that we are able to talk to to verify you play at a certain level.

The amount of qualification will change based on the offer/ comp we're trying to provide. The qualification for a free room at a third-grade casino in Vegas during the middle of the week is going to be at a much lower level than the qualification for a comp balcony on an Alaska cruise during the summer. 

Should I continue to upload offers to URComped?

If you haven't sailed with us yet, then yes!  If you have so with us, then the offers you see on our site are going to be based on your play. 

How will shorter cruises affect my casino offers?

Cruise lines use 2 measures to determine what comps to offer a player- ADT (Average Daily Theoretical) and ATT (Average Trip Theoretical). Watch the video above for more information.

On a shorter trip, it is less likely that you qualify based on your total trip theoretical, because you have fewer days than on a seven-day trip, so the cruise line will most likely look more at your daily play to qualify you for your next offer. We recommend making sure your daily play is a little bit higher.

How will a bad trip affect my casino offers?

With URComped, your trips are based on a rolling average of your play. So if you played well on 3 trips and on your fourth trip, your play was down, it would bring your average down, but not drastically, depending on the case. The more good trips you have the less one bad trip will affect your offers. 

Should I only play on days in the casino when I plan to play a lot?

The answer is different if you're playing on a cruise ship versus playing at a land casino. On a cruise, no matter what, your daily play is going to be the theoretical divided by the length of the cruise. So you could play 10 minutes one day and 10 hours the next and it won't affect your ADT, so play as you wish. It's a land-based casino then yes, 10 minutes one day would affect your offers from them.

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (ITS FREE) upload offers that you've received from either land-based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for! 

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