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Royal Caribbean bookings affected by COVID-19 Question and Answer

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, interviews Royal Caribbean's Casino Alliance Manager, Jon Wamba, regarding casino bookings affected recently by COVID-19. This interview was recorded on March 20, 2020. There are a lot of rumors and speculations and questions going around snd processes that are kind of being decided on the fly.

Can I rebook my Prime certificate since my sailing was canceled?

Yes. Royal Caribbean has actually reactivated all of those offers, so if you were scheduled to sail out in the month of March, and your tier cruise was canceled, Royal Caribbean has reactivated your offer. Now, you need to choose a cruise and reach out to URComped or Royal Caribbean before the end of May to let us know when you want to retake your cruise. Those offers are active. Guests can call Royal's call center or their URComped hosts to go ahead and rebook that.

Will players be allowed more time to book onboard certificates they have earned?

Yes, Royal Caribbean has changed/ extended that booking period from 30 days to 60 days to cover guests who have active certificates that were earned during that time period to still be able to take advantage of them. But even if your certificate expires or has expired, RCCL can still extend you an offer based on your history of play. So whether you have an active offer or not, we will get you taken care of to cruise again.

Why am I receiving future cruise credit when I want a refund?

Royal Caribbean has a couple of options for guests to choose from under their "Cruise with Confidence" cancellation policy. So since we have provided our guests up to 48 hours prior to their cruise start date, to cancel their cruise, that creates some other steps that Royal Caribbean has to go through in order to accommodate that cancellation.

Guests can choose to "Cruise with Confidence" (cancel their cruise and receive future cruise credit). If they choose not to have the future cruise credit, Royal Caribbean uses the traditional cancellation policy (anything that is outside of the penalty period will be refunded back to their credit card and anything inside the penalty period will be lost).

Guests have their choice of "Cruise with Confidence" or Royal Caribbean's traditional method to cancel their cruise.

How long are Royal Caribbean cruises canceled until? 

Currently, Royal Caribbean has made the decision to extend our global suspension, with hopes of now returning to general service as of May 12th, 2020. The only known exceptions to this are the return date of July 2nd, 2020 for the kick-off of the Alaska season, as well as all sailings originating or ending in Canada. Likewise, Singapore departures resume operation beginning June 1st, 2020.
Click here to read more/ check updated cruise cancellations.

When Royal Caribbean's staff is called back to duty, will they be reassigned to the same ships they were on previously?.

This depends on a lot of different factors. Royal hopes that you'll be able to have your favorite staff members sailing on your favorite ship. However, they have to wait and see just wherever it lands. Royal can definitely help you out if you have a question about one of the staff members that you like very much. They can respond with a message of where a staff member will land after this is said and done. Health, safety, and security of staff, guests, employees, and everyone is very important to Royal Caribbean.

Will there be an extension to offers/ certificates earned by guests that are on "my account" on Casinoroyale.com?

Royal Caribbean is working on new offers right now. They did take about a week off from sending offers as they were re-strategizing the best things to provide. It doesn't matter whether you have an active offer or not, because Royal Caribbean will always accommodate you based on your history of play. In order to take advantage of that, you just reach out to your host at URComped and they will negotiate your next cruise. So with or without an offer from Royal Caribbean, you always will be extended an offer based on your history of play. Those items that are active in club royale's system right now, you can book right away. Royal Caribbean has been working with URcomped on a daily basis to make sure that the list of updated offers and opportunities is extended to players. 

What will Royal Caribbean give me if I rebook a cruise?

Royal Caribbean has a huge number of sailings available. There are over 200 sailings that are operating through the end of September to choose from right now that give players their choice of free play or onboard credit to spend how you choose. The amount of free play or onboard credit is based on each customer's history of play- starting at $25 and going way-up based on what level of player you are.

Will the tier qualification period be extended to match the number of days RCCL has postponed?

Very good question and Royal Caribbean is actually working on that right now. They know that the earning period to earn the next tier status period has been cut short and they don't want to shortchange any of their customers. So in addition to their new marketing strategy, they're also working on that earning period for you as well! 

Not sure what URComped is?

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MAR 20
I am booked on one of the few cruises yet to be cancelled. A repositioning cruise from Sydney to Singapore on the 19th April with Royal Caribbean. I booked the cruise from an instant certificate won last November for a free internal cabin. Can I expect “anything” or am I just going to get back the port charges and taxes?


MAR 20
I’m booked on a free cruise next month. A 14 night relocation cruise from Sydney to Singapore. It’s one of a few cruises not yet cancelled. But it will be. The instant cruise certificate I used was won November 2019 and booked as soon as we got home. Can I expect anything to replace this? Or am I just looking at getting port charges and taxes back.
APR 21
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