Viejas Casino and Resort reopening 2020- Interview


Jun 5 '20 at 12:23
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Viejas Casino and Resort reopening 2020- Interview

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett interviews Viejas Casino and Resort's VP of Player Development, Kacie Martin. Topics discussed include what precautionary measures are Viejas implementing for COVID-19, what casino games are at Viejas Casino and Resort, and what is it about Viejas that appeals to players.

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Viejas was one of the first casinos in the nation to reopen after the COVID-19 closings. According to VP of player development, Kacie Martin, it was one of their busiest weeks, not only because of the player's urge to gamble, but also the extra precautions and safety measures the casino management must implement.

What Precautions are Viejas Casino and Resort Implementing to prevent COVID-19? 


- Upon entering the casino, guests must have their temperature taken, non-evasively. As long as guests are not running a fever, they are good to enter. 

- Face masks are required covering the mouth and the nose.

- Every other slot machine is turned off and the chair is removed from the slot machine that's off.

- Viejas purchased Table Game shields that actually divide the players at the table. This allows people to have more opportunities to play. Players cannot touch their cards, so games are dealt face up.

How does Viejas balance safety and fun? 

(4:30- 6:43) 

For the time-being, Viejas Casino and Resort can not have any large gatherings or concerts. The pool and spa remain closed until the CDC gives the green light to open.  The casino atmosphere is still there and it is similar to old-school Vegas when there wasn't an oversaturation of other forms of entertainment. It's pure gaming fun. Viejas can not giveaway huge gifts, so the giveaways are all free play currently.

"It's really been fun for me to watch people really just embrace their love for gambling without all the other distractions," says Kacie Martin.

When the CDC tells Viejas they can loosen restrictions, they will have the concerts, the pool parties, and other large events back. They are determined to follow the CDC guidelines to a tee and are extremely cautious that they are being safe and keeping guests safe.

What is it about Viejas that appeals to guests? 


 Viejas is not the glitz and glamour like Vegas, but instead, it is a friendly, welcoming resort. Guests don't feel in a rush, the anxiety levels are lowered, and from the moment they arrive, they are  greeted with "open arms."

"The first thing they do is tell me how inviting this property is," says Kacie Martin.

Not only is the atmosphere warm and incredibly relaxing, but there is still a Vegas-style casino floor. There are plenty of machines and tables to keep guests entertained. Not to mention, the cleanliness of the casino is something to brag on. It's extremely well kept up even prior to COVID times. 

The food is spectacular as well as the rooms. Viejas just added a new adults-only tower that creates a very different atmosphere than the rest of the casino.  Warm tones of blues and beiges make it a perfect getaway retreat to relax. 

Big walk-in closets, comfortable beds, and huge bathrooms are just the start. Viejas has its own bowling alley's, arcade,  bingo hall, shopping center,  and in the summer, an ice skating rink. Once you're there, you won't have to leave. 

What casino games are at Viejas Casino and Resort? 


Viejas Casino has the luxury of owning almost ALL-NEW machines all the time! Viejas' table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, California-style Craps, California style Roulette, and more! Odds and payouts are the same as any other Vegas or AC casino property.

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JUL 7 '20
Viejas casino resort hotel is nothing but the best! Great customer service, plenty of games to choose from, food was outstanding , the hotel rm was impeccably clean as was the entire casino. This is a very safe environment. I had the best time at Viejas they are 10 stars in my book! I highly recommend this outstanding place to everyone!!

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