Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol 23.


Sep 7 at 13:27
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Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol 23.

Does playing for a small amount of time on your last day affect your ADT?

In general, no, it's not going to lower your ADT. And the reason is that if you're staying on a hotel offer in the land-based casino, they know you're staying for x number of days. So that last day is going to count whether you play or not. Similar for cruise ships; they know you're on a seven-day cruise. So if you take two days off and think, "oh, they're only going to divide my play by five instead of the full seven," that's not the case, they're going to calculate the full seven days. At land-based casinos, be cautious about dropping in and playing for five minutes. Lets say, on average you're playing, $400 in theoretical per day, and you show up you play for five minutes and you get a 2 theoretical, then that can obviously bring down that 400 average quite a bit which will affect your offers with that casino.

When will my URComped offers update after I've taken my first URComped trip?

Typically with the cruise lines, we'll get a report about two weeks after the end of the month. Once we have that report on the previous month, that's when it will update your offers on the URComped site. If you have a certificate onboard your cruise, we can book that right away. Even if it's before the end of the month, and you really need to book something, we can do a one-off for you with the cruise partner who has your play already in their system.

How many cruises can you have booked with URComped at one time?

You must take your first URComped trip before booking more offers. After that first trip, then it's generally based on the cruise line, They'll sometimes put caps, and your URComped host will let you know. More often than not, after the first trip, we can book you on as many as you like unless the cruise partner caps it. 

Does URComped have a penalty for canceling or changing your cruise?

Right now, in the age of COVID, so many companies have very flexible cancellation policies that our partners generally aren't keeping deposits. From the URComped side, the hosts put a lot of work into each reservation sent. If somebody repeatedly cancels bookings after the host gets everything booked, then there is something in the terms of service where you would have to put a deposit down. This does not happen often.

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