Inside the Celebrity Blue Chip Club- Patrick Jacjquot Interview


7 days ago


6d ago
Excellent interview with great information! Thank you Craig🙋🏻‍♀️


3d ago
wish i would have been told this BEFORE my celebrity cruise in July! I left all of those comp $ in the machine I guess! Your travel advisor should advise folks of this,

Heads Up Blackjack

2d ago
Really informative interview! Thank you Craig. I only wish you could have persuaded Mr. Jacjquot to disclose some details as to what the specific changes (not the details, but the items in general) that BCC will be introducing, and how soon. However, I can fully appreciate it if Craig felt pushing the issue would have made his guest uncomfortable.


2d ago
Thank you for posting this interview, Craig. We are fairly new to Celebrity and URComped, so I really appreciated all the great information. My experiences with my host, Tyler, have all been extremely positive. I have a feeling all of your employees are most proficient— which is a major component for a very successful business model. I continue to be impressed. Thank you for the fantastic opportunities and services you provide. I hope good fortune surrounds you.

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