MGM Rewards Loyalty Program- Levels and Tiers Breakdown


Feb 16 at 13:45
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MGM Rewards Loyalty Program- Levels and Tiers Breakdown

MGM Rewards, formerly known as “The M Life Program,” is a loyalty program where players and vacationers can earn Tier Credits in a variety of ways. In this video, you can learn more about MGM Casino Benefits for each level as well as how to earn points to reach the next tier status. We discuss the 5 tier levels: Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and even MGM's Noir- Invite only tier.

How do you earn tier points with MGM Rewards?
One way to earn tier points with MGM Rewards is with non-gaming spend like hotel bookings, F&B purchases, and show tickets. You can earn 4 tier credits for every $1 spent. Another way is through sports betting. For every $100 wagered on a straight bet, you'll get 20 tier credits. For every $100 wagered on a Parlay, you'll get 50 tier credits. As you've probably already assumed, you can earn tier credits playing slots, video poker, and table games. The number of tier credits you earn will vary based on the game, average bet, and time played as well as the region of which MGM Casino you're playing at. 

 MGM Rewards Tier Levels and Benefits
The MGM Rewards Program has 5 Different Tier Levels that you can attain based on the number of reward tier credits that you earn over the course of a year. Each different Tier Level has its own unique set of rewards and benefits. 

Everybody that starts out at MGM rewards 
will start out as a Sapphire (0-19,999 Tier Credits). As a Sapphire, you can earn Reward Points and are also guaranteed the lowest room rates. 

Once you hit Pearl, 
you get an extra 10% in Bonus Slot Dollars for your play. Actually, for every Incremental Level you reach, you get an additional 10%. An additional benefit as a Pearl Member is you get Complimentary Tickets to select shows at MGM Rewards destinations. 

Once you hit 75,000 Tier Credits, 
you become a Gold Member in MGM Rewards. As a Gold Member, you get your Resort Fee waived, Complimentary Valet, and you also get Free Enhanced Room Upgrades.

Once you attain 200,000 Tier Credits with MGM Rewards, you become a Platinum Member. As a Platinum Member, you'll get Early Preferred Access to Premium Seating at select shows and Sporting Events. AND you get either a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise Lines Complimentary Cruise for two. (That's something URComped can help with as well)

Last, but certainly not least is the Noir Tier. This is an Invite-Only Tier! If you receive an invite to join Noir, you get $1,200 in Air Credit as well as $500 in Complimentary Dining Credit in addition to all the extra comps you earn for that level of play.

As you can tell, the MGM Rewards Program certainly makes it worth it to graduate to different Tier Levels. So we highly recommend that next time you're visiting MGM property make sure to sign up for an MGM Rewards Card and start earning those Tier Credits.

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