Feeling trapped by your Casino Offers? Unlock NEW offers NOW

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Have you ever wanted to stay at a new casino resort, but don’t want to START OVER without free play, comp rooms and status???

It is a painful choice! You are tired of staying in the same old place and want the excitement of staying somewhere new, but the thought of paying for a room at a casino is nauseating. Your COMP offers have turned into golden - or some other precious metal depending on your loyalty program - handcuffs keeping you locked into the same rooms and casinos over and over again.

Stop letting your casino offers LIMIT your experiences!

Let your casino offers WORK FOR YOU!!

URComped has partnered with many top casinos and cruise lines to LIBERATE your casino offers and provide you access to new and exciting VIP experiences around the world. So if you have ever wanted a comped suite at the Venetian or to enjoy the beauty and history of Europe on MSC cruiselines, now is your chance to unlock these offers!

The process to unlock your NEW casino offers is simple, free and fast:

  1. Upload pictures of your currently valid casino offer(s) - Images must include offer details, expiration date and your name and/or players card number. The more offers you upload, the better. These can be screenshots from emails or pictures of offers you receive in the mail.

  2. Once uploaded, the URComped team checks and approves the offer(s) within two business days.

  3. You will then be notified that your new offers are UNLOCKED and ready to book.

This process is fast, free and will not affect your current casino offers. You have nothing to lose and a world of new VIP casino offers to gain!

What are you waiting for?
Upload your offers now by clicking here.