Want a Suite at Venetian or Palazzo?

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Visit Venetian or Palazzo and Experience the Epitome of Luxury on the Las Vegas strip

URComped is partnering with Venetian and Palazzo to deliver an amazing offer to URComped members: If you have an offer from a Las Vegas strip casino, you will receive a competing offer from Venetian / Palazzo Las Vegas.

Actually, let me back up, if you have an offer for $5 off the buffet Mon-Thurs from Circus Circus, you probably aren't getting a competing offer from Venetian. However, if you have a COMP room offer with free play from a nice property on the strip, then Venetian / Palazzo wants to earn your business.

How it works:

  • Upload an images of at least one currently valid offer from a Las Vegas strip casino to URComped.

    • The higher quality the casino your offer is from, the better your corresponding offer from Venetian / Palazzo will be. (I.e. A $100 free play offer from Aria may carry more weight than a $250 offer from Luxor).

    • The more offers you upload, the better.

    • Once URComped verifies your uploaded offers*, you will receive a special link to claim your offer to Venetian or Palazzo.
    • Then simply select dates that you would like to visit Venetian / Palazzo and submit to receive your offer.

    A player development executive at Venetian / Palazzo will evaluate your profile and offers, then based on availability for the dates you requested, invite you to stay with a personalized offer (free play amount, comp or room rates, etc).

    If you are happy with your offer, then finalize your reservation and experience unprecedented luxury at Venetian or Palazzo.

    So let me reinforce how simple and amazing this offer is: all you have to do is take two seconds to snap a photo of casino offers you already receive to unlock a COMP offer at one of the most luxurious casino resorts in the world. 

    That's it. Snap a photo, get an offer. 

    Click to unlock your Venetian + Palazzo offer

    Note: Uploading offers to your account will unlock more than just Venetian and Palazzo offers. URComped has a growing list of partner casinos and cruise lines that will send you COMP offers to earn your business.

    Simply upload images of your currently valid casino offers and, once offers are verified, you will see which casinos and cruise lines will make you a comp offer.

    You can add offers to your account by CLICKING HERE or by replying to this email with images of your offers.

    To NEW comps and fun experiences!

    -Craig from URComped

    p.s. Don't have any Las Vegas offers? No problem! Upload the offers from your local or wherever you play and we will send you the best offers possible from our partner casinos and cruise lines.