URComped CEO Craig Shacklett Explains How to Use Existing Offers to Unlock Comped Cruises

When finding new comp offers for you at the different cruise lines URComped partners with there is a hierarchy of different offers that we look at. The first one and the one that holds the most weight is the bounce back Offer also called a BB offer. This is when you get offers that come directly from a cruise line. They are a clear indicator of how much a player gambles on a ship. The different levels of offers from cruise lines indicate different values. For example one level might be a suite and $1000 in casino play, whereas another level might be $300 off your next cruise. We use this information to get you new comp offers with our partners.

The next level down when it comes to offers is land based cruise line certificates. This is when a particular land casino offers you a complimentary cruise, and there are different levels to this as well. There are complementary balconies, complimentary ocean views, and inside. This is a good indicator of how someone gambles on land at that particular casino, so we can use this information to unlock comp offers for you with our cruise line partners.

Lastly on our hierarchy are tier based offers. This means that if you’re in a loyalty system at a particular casino you get offers based on where you lie within the loyalty system. It is a good indicator of consistency.

If none of these are available to you we can also call the casino where you play and ask them about you, and then go to our cruise partners to get you a complimentary cruise.

This is all for your first trip. As soon as you take one trip with URComped we get a player report, and then we know exactly how you played on the cruise. This holds the most weight for your future comp offers with URComped.