URComped’s Top 5 Slot Jackpots, Turkey Edition - November 18, 2018

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Hello URComped Fans To Another Great Edition Of URComped’s Top 5 Slot Jackpots Of The Week, Turkey Edition - November 18, 2018

Lets get right into it with our # 5 pick of the week. Enjoy!!

You Tube Creator = My Pechanga Slot Machine Videos

Game = Buffalo Stampede

Denomination = .01c Machine, $2.25 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,201.65

This is another buffalo fan favorite slot machine. You have the chance to win the minor or the grand though with this buffalo slot and it also has those expanding reels giving you more chances to win big. For a $2.25 bet, I’d say this is a nice size hand-pay. Fun game to play and watch. 

You Tube Creator = NG Slot

Game = Lock It Link

Denomination = .10c Machine, $20.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,520.00

This game is unique and special to play because of its lock It Link feature. Like the Lightening Link series games, the money really can add up in this lock It Link feature when those hearts all start connecting with the credits adding up each time they lock together and on a dime denomination, the potential can be huge!

You Tube Creator = robman313slots

Game = Line King

Denomination = .02c Machine, $5.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,731.20

Bringing back the old school Aristocrat Machine right here. WoW! This one is an oldie but goodie. Reason why, mostly all those old school Aristocrats paid out because of there volatility. robman313slots brining back the old school Jackpots! Congrats Man!

You Tube Creator = Lady Luck HQ

Game = Dragon Link

Denomination = $2.00 Machine, $20.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,210.00

Another awesome game that’s in the Lightening Link series of games but this one is called Dragon Link. Has same features as Lightening Link just different graphics. The ball feature either can be free spins or the dropping ball feature or it can be both. Lady Luck got both features within her bonus. 

And our top pick of the week goes out to Slotmanjack! Congrats!

You Tube Creator = Slotmanjack Slot Machines

Game = Mayan Chief

Denomination = .01c Machine, $2.40 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,512.88

This was an amazing jackpot to watch happen live here on YT. Seeing all those spins is truly amazing! I think if that ever happened to me though, I’d pick the super feature. Either way, most excellent hand-pay! Congrats!