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The Bayou Market Express is a restaurant inside Boomtown Casino New Orleans in Harvey, Louisiana.
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Bunch buffet is always good.. no complaint here
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Royal Ann Moll
Fun n inviting I win money. I ordered the whole thing.. Buffet.
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Mindy Arostegui
WORST buffet I’ve EVER been to...WORST food I’ve EVER tasted!!! Everything tasted like it was sitting out for a week🤢! I don’t know how they are still open for business....NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!! Had a coupon for a free buffet, if I would have paid I would have demanded my money back. Don’t waste your money
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Freddie Lazare
Food taste like it was cooked 3 days ago. I had a complimentary buffet ticket for two. I called earlier to ask about the crab legs. Lady said yes you will receive a bucket of crab legs but that didn't happen. I would have to pay $12 for 6 legs. The service was great but food was some of the worse I've ever had. To be on the outskirts of new Orleans I would be ashamed. How do people pay $20 for such garbage
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Earline Dufrene
This place has the worst buffet ever. I sat down and watched them mix old dry up food in with new pans of food. Needs more help with keeping food on bar. The food is bland or extremely salty. Bad food, bad food, bad service. It just had an update to decor . Needs a big overhaul of kitchen staff, style of cooking, recipes ,and cooks who know how to make tasty meals. Please put 100% into making tastier foods.
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Brenda Conlee
I have gone here since this place has opened. They used to have the best catfish around. Now it is horrible. Little small pieces and the batter is never right. The seafood gumbo is always filled with sausage which to me does not belong in Seafood Gumbo. The best crawfish etouffee has always been delicious but now they have somehow ruined that. Seldom do they have meat at the carving station. They have started serving hamburgers and hot dogs...are you kidding me??? I am out at a restaurant, I don't want backyard food. I would like some good southern cooking. Your choices for a vegetable is might get one, maybe two but never will it be just some good, seasoned vegetable. They put all kinds of stuff in it and makes it disgusting. The only thing that is consistently good is the red beans. That is always good. The salmon is good..when they have it. Sometimes they have a pot roast..that is very good. They have fried shrimp sometimes but even though these could be good, there is so much salt in the batter, you may need to have an EMT standing by cause your blood pressure is sure to soar. The desserts are a mess. They had some good bread pudding but the last time I went, they had poured some white, milk looking liquid all over it. What????? Whatever happened to barbecued ribs, baked ham, baked turkey, maybe prime rib. Somebody really needs to get some cooks that not only can cook but who can cook the foods that we love to eat. And oh yes...we must dump the pigs feet.
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The buffet is mediocre. Unless they are offering fresh boiled crawfish. Although recently they have started to charge an extra $5.00 a lb for them which is definitely not worth it. I'm not sure if that's because they're not in season right now or just their new policy. I can tell you as a New Orleans's native that we do not eat crawfish in general if they are not in season. Unless you're at a restaurant and want Crawfish Etouffee or they come in your gumbo or something. The season starts in February and ends in June. Being that this is a casino buffet they shouldn't charge extra for anything in my opinion. They also charge extra for the steak which isn't worth it either because of the cut of meat. They're prepared just fine. And the chef will cook it to your desired level of time. If I'm going to pay for steak it won't be at a mediocre buffet. The service is very friendly and helpful. The desserts are always fresh and delicious. The cheesecake, lemon meringue and keylime pie are my go to desserts when I'm there and they're always fresh.
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Pamela White
We had a Convention there! Nice enough but the maid service wasn't! We stayed Thursday through Sunday and never once had maid service! We had to take our own trash out and ask for clean bath towels and etc. Needles to say, they gave us a refund for one night only!
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Rhonda Wattigney
Went to the Asia Restaurant and was ignored by the staff while they helped the Vietnamese customers who just walk in front of you while your are in line ordering. They stop helping you to let them order or just talk to them. They are very rude and don't seem to like their job's very much.
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Debbie Adams
Food was great! Seafood sampler is enough for 2!
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