Casino tips on Carnival?

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corvette_racer posted this 31 July 2018

We usually cruise RC but are soon heading to a cruise on Carnival with family.  We enjoy casinos, so... What do you recommend for getting comps (especially drinks) on Carnival?

Thanks, Jose.

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anitaglad posted this 02 August 2018

They have a set amount of 1500 pts to get free drinks in casino. Comps lately not many on carnival that's why I went to Ncl 

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Dhiggins posted this 05 August 2018

We have sailed with Carnival many times, this is the Fun ship company. You should really enjoy and their casinos are fun too with some very good staff. Drinks should not be a problem as normally if booked with URComped the drinks are included in the casino, just introduce yourself to the casino host the first day to get your drink card. It is different from RCCL in that you must be playing at the tables or slots to get a drink, none at the bar. And yes, Carnival has been getting VERY tight with comp offers in the past couple of years. Enjoy your cruise, and injoy the adult Serenity area up on the top deck...


craigh posted this 06 August 2018

We normally cruise on NCL through their Casino at Sea program. They comp our cabin, include a comp drink card for use in the casino and send various treats to our cabin. We will be on our first Royal Caribbean cruise, booked through URComped. Besides our room, should we expect any other comps from their casino staff? Do they have a specific registration area for their casino guest? 

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a.saladino posted this 07 August 2018

 We normally cruise on Carnival and as anitaglad said you need to get 1500 points before they Comp your drinks, but after the cruise and depending on the type of player you are ($) they will Comp your drinks the next time.  I also usually get offer a Comp at the Steak House or Spa. You can contact the Carnival Players Club 

Tlk9557 posted this 14 August 2018

Actually on Carnival, if it’s a 5 day cruise the drinks on us card is given at 1,000 points, on a 7 day it’s 1,500-25th cruise on Carnival February 2018

rgr0546 posted this 02 September 2018

. So I have been on 4 different cruise lines. and Carnival has been the best. They have Premier Cruises so be sure to contact the Casino Host and get the correct info. In the past few years, I have yet to pay full price for any of there cruises. I play in the Casino and I AM Not a big money spender. I play Black Jack and ultimate Texas Holdum and this year I have had two discounted Cruises. One on the Majic that was a 6 day that I was given Not only a discounted  View cabin but also a Grand in casino cash. I just returned from a Bounceback where I received a free inside cabin and 500 cash, Anyone going on the Horizon on the 22 of Sept We should get together and chat. Carnival is very aware of Brand Loyalty so are the other cruise lines. If you want Comps then pick a line and stay with that one. Mine is Carnival FYI my cruise on the 22nd is Free and it is the second Elite Cruise I have been offered in the last 6 months. And they truly are THE FUN SHIP LINE RGR

rgr0546 posted this 02 September 2018


Carnival does not have a registration area Just for Casino Guests You will need to get listed on the players club. I think you can do that online after your first Cruise. I have been cruising with them for a long time and once you are a member of the players Club you will get all kinds of Comps, SOme will be What they call Bounce Back offers. others will just appear in your room. Take advantage of any of the Players Club offers. I am now in a position where I take everyone they give me and have been on a cruise every month since retiring last year. Some were discounted, Some were Free, Once a member you will always get treats and special offers in your cabin. Just remember that Carnival or any other line is not stupid. They know what you like and they will be more than happy to give you lots of special Deals. Some in Email, some in your snail mail Box. Enjoy your Cruise and have a blast  RGR

Tlk9557 posted this 04 November 2018

If you play the table games, they go by the length of time playing and amount of bets, make sure the dealer swipes your card each time for credit, and make sure you get to know the pit bosses as they can give you a free drink or a free drink card anytime!  I had a Carnival cruise that I broke my arm the 1st night, the pit boss took good care of me.  She didn’t give me a free drink card as I was taking pain meds, but a free drink occasionally, and she gave my husband a card that night.  I didnt miss a night in the casino!  Haha!  Also, the table game points you are considered to have earned are NOT combined with the slot points you earn.  2 different routes to earn your points.

tadams8808 posted this 15 November 2018

I believe at 7500 you get the free drinks on next cruise offer. 

Jpitt911 posted this 17 November 2018

I'm not sure about other lines, but Carnival points are based on $2.50 = 1 point for regular slots. I believe video poker is different, as well as table play. 1000 points gets you a Drinks On Us card on shorter cruises (5?  days and under?) 1500 points on longer cruises. You must be actively playing to use the DOU card, can't use at the casino bar. 5000 points gets you a DOU card at the beginning of your next cruise, otherwise, points don't accrue from cruise to cruise. I have had up to 15000 points per cruise, usually 3 or 4 cruises per year, return offers seem to be very weak, usually "up to" $500 off of the standard going rate that no one pays, sometimes with casino cash. Now, that being said,  I don't want to sound negative here, just what I've seen in the past five years or so. I do get several Premier invites at almost normal booking prices, with up to $1000 casino cash. Every once in a while I receive a special email offering a free balcony on a limited number of cruises, the first one I've been able to take advantage of is coming up on Dec 1st! I am new to URComped, but I don't believe that they work with Carnival, do they? I am Platinum with Carnival, looking to find other options out there!

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rbbeers posted this 25 November 2018

My best advice is, in the casino, wear a mask, as the smoke is often heavy and there is not enough ventilation! Especially if you are very sensitive to it. 

marquisprod posted this 09 December 2018

I have just returned from a Carnival Journey's Elite cruise out of Baltimore Nov 4-18 and a Carnival Premier Plus cruise Dec 1-8. I'm 98% slot and 2% table player. Best advice I can give is to be sure to get familiar with the casino hosts, and pit boss if you're a table player. If you're a table player, make sure the pit boss is noticing your amount of table play because that is how your points we be tracked. If your a slot player, it's simple. For every $2,50 you bet, you get 1 point. At 1000 points on cruises up to 5 days, and 1500 points on 6day + cruises, you will get a "Drinks On Us" card. (as soon as you hit those #'s ask for your card if someone hasn't already offered it to you, 15 drink per day max). You can ask any waiter and they will get someone to help you. Also, the card is only good in the casino and only good when ordering from the wait staff. I always find a couple waiters I like and they stay on top of getting me drinks. They say it's good while playing, but any waiter will bring you a drink while in the casino. Gratuity is already added, but I often add $1 or give them $1 cash. Once you start racking up the points don't be shy, start asking that casino host for perks. If you don't ask for them, often times, you won't get them. I think around 4,500 they come around offering dinner for two in the Steakhouse. If you are a big player and rack up lots of points, things to ask for are spa treatments, excursions, and some casino hosts can get you stuff from the gift shops (including bottles of alcohol. I ended up with 6 bottles of Belvidre and 4 bottles of Patron on my Journey's cruise), One other piece of advice is to book dinner in the Steakhouse (if offered on you ship. most, but not all have one) the first night of your cruise. It's $38 per person, but worth 3 times that for the quality of food and service. They run a special that gives you 1 free bottle of wine or 1/2 off as many bottles of wine you would like to purchase. If you purchase several, you can take them back to your cabin or they will deliver them for you. BTW if you don't eat salad, you can order two appetizers.For dessert i recommend the "Art At The Table", it's an experience you won't soon forget. Hope some of this info helps. It's just a few of the things i wish someone had told me.

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carolcody17 posted this 06 January 2019

Can't wait to go on a Cruise !!!

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WILLI2528 posted this 20 January 2019

URComped is amazing have worked with them once before in a land booking, im not sure if they have anything to tie them with carnival or not..but dont believe those casino hosts or pit bosses..needless to say after our last cruise, mind you it was a rough one for me, personal reasons(death/ashes released) and i sat in the casino more than i should after being misled or lied to even...told if i got to 20k pts in 1 cruise, that cruise i would recieve  a grand suite room free on my next cruise...20PTS AND 10K later...mind you only 8 of that was casino..but..20k points on slots takes a very long time..and well..i managed it as the host/boss said and FINALLY arrived next offer was for a DISCOUNTED INTERIOR TO about a kick n the upset..then when this new offer came out for 500 off rates and 1000 casino cash to play on blah blah..i had it on a currently booked cruise, called in to ask for it, was told i had to speak to my pvp to get it right, but he was out for a few days n by time he got cruise no longer was offered under that list of 1k free my other one is listed under the 500 free play and they supposedly bumped that upto 500, mind you i have inquired about both of them..asking what to do to recieve one answers, or if they do its too late offers are over or upcharges for this or that..ive always been faithful to carnival but now..thinkin might stray to rccl to check them out for a few..sumthing has to be better than a kick n the teeth and discounted room for 20k pts 10k boat spent and another 8 in the jewelry store..NEVER AGAIN will i be soo gullable with them thats for head wasnt in the game as it should have been that week..but on an upside i hit a 1600.00 jackpot that first nite in the casino  BUT CCL NEEDS TO HONOR WHT THEY SAY, I NEED TO LEARN TO TELL EM PUT IT N WRITING RIGHT THEN N THERE..UGH!

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recagle posted this 19 February 2019

The way I have seen it JUST feed the machines. 

recagle posted this 19 February 2019

That's a great explanation, you are so right.  I have done 35 cruises on Carnival and love them. 

recagle posted this 19 February 2019

I always get one on the first night the way I play craps.

joshejones posted this 11 March 2019

The first thing you will get is the drink card. Normally by the 2nd day I will observe the amount of points that everyone else has, (you can see it on their screen), and if I have a lot more I will go ask the Casino Host for a comp. I have never been told no and they typically book  me for the steakhouse with a bottle of wine and then gifts in my room each day. 


   The best thing is to introduce yourself to the host. 

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William posted this 13 March 2019

You have to earn a certain number of points to get free drinks while playing in the casino, which I believe is 1500 points for long cruises.

I just cruised on the Carnival Dream March 3rd - March 10th out of New Orleans. I had a good winning time in the casino, especially playing Lock It Link.

I was offered free drinks before even earning 100 points. I cruised on the Carnival Dream last year around this time so they must have given me free drinks based on my play last year.

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Rdshannon621 posted this 18 March 2019

Some prefer not to keep your cards in while playing, if you do you loose all your points ! Things have not changed with Carnival 1000 or 1500 based on length of cruise ! Have fun 

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