Divina or Seaside?

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URCale posted this 11 April 2018

The Seaside has been sailing out of Miami for a few months now, replacing the Divina.

Which one do you prefer? Obviously the Seaside is a newer ship but sometimes its nice being on a more experienced ship

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bornopia posted this 11 April 2018

The newer the better? 
I'm excited for the newer ship the MSC Seaview in the coming months!!!

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s2man posted this 17 April 2018

My vote is Seaside for sure. SUCH A PRETTY BOAT!

CMReeve posted this 09 May 2018

Been on both Seaside for sure. Yacht Club is so much better

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Durham.ruth posted this 19 May 2018

The seaside nice to try something new

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pend8383 posted this 4 weeks ago

Does Divinia provide free drinks in casino to their comp players

LISAASHLEYTRAVELS posted this 3 weeks ago

Prefer Divina over Seaside because of AFT rooms on Divina.  Also, didn't like the dining arrangements on the Seaside.  Awarded free cruise from Seaside which I chose to apply to Divina.  Second sailing on Divina.  Received another free cruise certificate from Divina.  And, to answer the above, yes free drinks in the casino for comp players.

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