Greetings fellow comp-ers!

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Vs posted this 3 weeks ago

Newbie to URComped here 🙋🏻‍♂️. Wish I could say the same about gambling and casino hopping tho 😂.

I double down on 12’s. Yeah, you wouldn’t want me at your blackjack table lol. I’m just kidding of course, I only double down on 12’s when it’s Spanish 21. I love when I actually get to do it and the players get mad and don’t even realize there are no tens in the whole shoe. 🙈🤫

Currently at Pechanga today! I think the TV will actually be used for the first time during this trip. My losing streak have been inconceivable... 4K in one day, mainly blackjack and Ultimate hold em. Dealer busted only once with the whole shoe!!

Oh well. So... what kind of comp should I ask my host for? 😁 Any suggestions? (Spa, gift card,....) Any secret comps out there that I can ask for? 

Thank you!

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URCale posted this 3 weeks ago

Welcome to URComped! Hope your luck turned around at Pechanga, what did you end up asking the host for?

Vs posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank you for the warm welcome! I sheepishly asked my host if I qualified for any comps and as she looked at my profile her eyes bulged out and told me that I already have all my meals and hotels comped. She asked me what else I wanted 😂. I told her I don’t have a preference and am pretty open. She ended up giving me a spa package, a $250 gift card to the shops, and an extra $100 in match play. It pays to lose!