So my casino isn't listed. I play at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN. They also have Little 6 casino right next door. I play there too. I most frequently play Keno. I hit 6/6 and 7/7 on a regular basis and I did that recently playing quarters and won $580. That isn't enough to qualify as a Jackpot at Mystic but since I only started with $25 that day if feel like a Jackpot to me!

I am 40 years young and my husband and I have been together for 17 years. We both had previous children. We combined have 6 children and 4 grandchildren. He hit a Jackpot last summer and we were able to pay off our house shortly after he turned 50. We own two businesses locally. One is a home rehab and remodel business and the other is a landscaping business. Over the last several years my participation on job sites as diminished rapidly after I was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis. 

This wasn't an all bad thing though as it taught us to appreciate today, what we have and what we can do much more greatly. 

I look forward to meeting some of you when we take our first cruise with URComped.