Tier system is rigged

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vortexo posted this 4 weeks ago

I've gone to Revel about 3 times in 6 months and I get a gold card, after I spend and lost over $2000 each time. My friend goes one day and only spends $300 and he gets a blue card. My other friend did the exact same thing I did and he gets a black card. There's something definitely wrong with the system or they are cherry picking. I find it very unfair. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

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skywalkerLAX posted this 4 weeks ago

Tier points for players clubs aren't awarded by how much you lost in total. The points build up by the amount of play time and "coin in" when it comes to slots.

Let's say both of you brought $2000 and left the casino with zero but in your case you were extremely unlucky and managed to play only 1-2 hours while your buddy was able to stretch his 2k over the whole weekend (winning-losing-winning-losing). He would have a lot of playtime/coin in and hence his points build up a lot.

Also, not all games earn the same amount of points. Table games earn different from machines and video poker earn a lot less than slots.

Eekblom5 posted this 3 weeks ago

I have Hyatt Globalist, Caesar’s diamond and mlife Gold status.  What an I expect in terms of comps if I visit the ocean for the first time?