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Bobbyjrod posted this 04 November 2018

Well let me start by saying it was a great time .  We where so luck to be able to spend a special birthday TYLER on the ship. This was my first Royal Cruise, So can't do much on the comparison . They put a little sticker on URseapass that says PRIME   Ya  just go to the bar in the casino and drink! On the first night my mom hit $2500 hand pay and I went to  a slot just down from her and $1x3  so $3 bet I hit a $1000. We saw about 10 hand pays that night   Heard someone hit $18k  ! Tyler was great  w

will finish going through Coustoms 

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URComped posted this 05 November 2018

Awesome!!! We are thrilled that you won and had a good time on Tyler's Birthday Cruise!