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mrentz91 posted this 10 June 2019

Just got off the Celebration yesterday.  What a fantastic cruise arranged by the URComped Hosts!

We had a great time.  The comped drinks in the casino was epic.  

About the Celebration:

Casino staff was outstanding, some of the best I've ever experienced.  Friendly, funny, and professional.

First night ALL tables were a minimum of $10 which was a little shocking.  Normal craps rules (no ATS or Fire bets).  Blackjack payed 6/5. 

Second night they did have one $5 blackjack table open but craps stayed at $10 which is still crazy for a cruise and especially a discount cruise.

The $150 in promotional chips were also a little screwy, especially since we paid for them with our deposit.  Essentially, you could play them and if you won, you kept the winnings but they took the chips from you.  I would agree with that if they were freeplay, but, they were refunded deposit on a comped cruise, so, should have been able to keep the promotional chip until it lost (so on the pass line, I won a bet, they paid me $25 for the win but then took my $25 promotional chip).  Seems a little off.  Would have rather had matchplay coupons instead.

I don't play slots so couldn't tell you a thing about the machines.

Hoping to go again soon, was a fun cruise.  

I didn't win a single session while gambling and still had a great time!

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URComped posted this 10 June 2019

Thanks for sharing your experience! We look forward to getting you on another cruise soon!


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