What is the best excursion you have done on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

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Tyler posted this 17 April 2018

Royal Caribbean has some amazing ports! What is the most fun excursion you have done at one of them? Zip lining, swimming with dolphins, something crazier?!

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bobizozihe posted this 18 April 2018

Snorkling grand cayman! 

felagerar posted this 30 April 2018

Scuba diving in Belize was awesome

Chrisnovak090 posted this 07 May 2018

Honestly its the entertainment and the chance to have fun win money and meet new people 

AnnieT-RI posted this 20 June 2018

Definitely swimming with sting-rays at Grand Cayman! It was called "Delux Stingray Sandbar" - sailed on a catamaran right to a sandbar. The stingrays are not captive, they just come around and swim with you.  So cool!  Photographer on board caught the most amazing photos! Highly recommend.

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slh2412 posted this 18 July 2018

Went on a whale watching excursion on an Aladka cruise.  It was beautiful and the whales and Sea Lions were awesome.