Frequently Asked Questions
URComped's goal is to help players like you get the best possible offers at as many casinos and cruise lines as possible. For players interested in unlocking new comp offers through URComped, the simple process is:
Create your free
URComped account
Upload pictures of your currently valid casino offers
That's it!
Once your uploaded offers are verified by the URComped team, your available casino offers will be visible under the "My Offers" tab in your account. When you book your first URComped trip, your URComped player profile with verified offers will be sent directly to the casino to complete the booking. On subsequent bookings, your play history from previous URComped trips will be included as well.

For cruise and caribbean casino requests, you will be corresponding with your assigned URComped Executive host.
For other land based casinos you will be connected directly with an on property casino host to ensure maximum speed, transparency and convenience in the booking process. These trip requests and offers will be labeled as Direct Connect
We are excited to help you unlock new comp offers and experience some of the best casino resorts and cruise lines in the world!
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How It Works
Below is a list of questions new players often ask.
About URComped

Any level of player is welcome to sign up for URComped. Players that qualify for the most offers through URComped generally have: 

  • Elevated tier status in one or more casino loyalty programs

AND at least one of the following: 

  • Offers from land-based casinos with complimentary room nights and free play of at least $100 
  • Complimentary Cruise certificate offer(s) sent directly from the cruise line or from a land-based casino certificate event
  • A casino host assigned to you at one or more properties


Members that do not meet the above criteria would still be eligible for “Flash COMP” offers and exclusive casino rate discounts at our casino and cruise partners.

Becoming a URComped Player is absolutely free! You gain access to our network of partner casinos, first class service, and a player community experience.

We verify players level through a short survey during signup about where you play, and through the offers uploaded by you from your current casinos. We then present this information (anonymously) to our casino partners when you are ready to take a trip

We don't effect the relationship with your current host, we simply supplement the existing relationship by providing access to NEW casinos and experiences

URComped's platform provides the most efficient way to leverage your player history and offers at competing properties. We have done the hard part and negotiated exclusive offers for you already.

Yes, all personal information and trip details are encrypted and secured. We do not share your personal information with a casino until you decide to take a trip to that property or cruise line. You can check out our privacy policy here.

Receiving Offers From URComped

Play-To-Qualify is a type of offer that casinos can make to players. These offers are SUPER discounted hotel rates (cheaper than Expedia!) and include a target play threshold that allows players to have their trips comped. If a player hits the threshold the cost of the trip is refunded at checkout. If the threshold is not met, the player still gets an amazing deal on the hotel room! Play to Qualify offers are a perfect way for new players to establish their value and earn even BETTER comps on future trips at any of our partner casinos.

If you are an active player at a particular property - meaning you have played at that casino in the last 12 months - then the casino already knows how much you play and what they want to offer you.

Offers based on your play history and completed profile are available after we verify your uploaded offers (we typically approve offers in 1-2 business days after you upload pictures) 

Your current offers are always available under My Offers

Direct Connect offers and Direct Connect trip requests connect you directly with casino hosts working at the casino. Unlike standard URComped bookings you will not be working with your normal URComped Executive Host, so your experience may depend on the property we are connecting you with.

Submitting Current Offers to URComped

You upload pictures of your offers from your current casinos using the Offer Upload page. Your current offers are used to determine your player value and help you unlock new offers from other casinos.

We use the currently valid casino offers you already receive to qualify you as a player and unlock new offers for you with different casinos and cruise lines. 

You tell us who sent you the offer and upload a picture of the offer using the Upload Your Offers page. We verify the image in a couple business days and that unlocks all your offers you now qualify for. 

Creating New Trips

No, we partner with popular destinations in offering exclusive deals to benefit you and our partners!

Trip requests begin on the My Offers page at the URComped website.  

After trip requests are made, URComped works with the casino to confirm trip details.  You can usually expect a confirmation email from your destination casino, though your confirmation will also show up in My Trips

If this is your first trip with URComped- For land based trips we recommend at least 30 days in advance of planned travel dates. For cruises, 90 days is recommended.

If you've already taken a trip with us, we can book up to a week before your trip but it depends on casino or cruiseline availability 

Already Booked Trips

The destination property or cruiseline is responsible for any concerns or complaints related to your trip. We encourage you to reach out to them directly. If you have difficulty contacting customer service then you are welcome to contact us to see if we can assist.

Each casino destination has it’s own cancellation policy so we recommend first checking with the casino your reservation was made with. Additionally, URComped reserves the right for a max. $100 penalty for late cancellations.