How can I book the next Rudie's cruise?

URComped works with casino players to get them qualified for comps at new cruise lines and casinos they have not been to before (or within 12 months). We take the current offers that you have from your home-base casino or cruise lines that you have traveled on and we use those to negotiate comps on your behalf. 

We have enjoyed working with Brian Christopher for the last several years to be able to offer the Rudies amazing deals and comps onboard the group cruises that he organizes. 

How can I book the next Rudie's cruise? 

We have made booking the next Rudie's cruise through URComped is easy! 

If this will be your first trip booked through URComped please complete the following so we can get you the BEST offer of the cruise. 

  1. Sign up at Please be sure to enter the correct email address and contact phone number. 
  2. Send us photos of the offers that you currently have from casinos and cruise lines. You can upload them to your URComped account or you may text photos of the offers to us at 972-788-1785. Please be sure that your name and the offer details are visible. Offer examples include comped nights at a landbased casino, free play, partial or full comp cruise offers etc.. 
  3. Once you have completed these steps you can expect a phone call, text or email from your URComped onboarding host. Your onboarding host is responsible for making sure that we have all the details needed to negotiate the best comp for you based on your qualification level. The phone call won't take too long 
    (usually less than 5 minutes) and is necessary to finalize a few details needed to complete your account and get you pre-qualified for comps. 
  4. Once you have signed up and an onboarding hose has completed your account to pre-qualify you for comps you can then begin the reservation. Please follow the link shared by Brian to book the next Rudies cruise. 


How much is the cruise?

After you claim the offer to begin the reservation we will show you our best price estimate of what we think we can negotiate for you. We have been doing this for several years and are usually right 95% of the time.

The offer will list discounted pricing or the comp type, per person, by cabin category for double occupancy (2 passengers). Example below. 

Oceanview $50 pp
Balcony  $150 pp
Suite $300 pp

When you are filling out the reservation details please choose which cabin type that you want to book based on the estimated pricing provided. Port fees and taxes are additional and not included in the price estimate. Please note that is is only an estimate since rates fluctuate often. We will ALWAYS do our best to get you the lowest price that we can based on your qualification level. If pricing changes you will be notified by your Executive Host after they have negotiated with the cruise line.  

What fees will I pay and what are they for? 

Fees included on cruise reservations could include the following. 

Non-refundable deposit - A non-refundable deposit may be required for certain reservations depending on your qualification type. The deposit will be returned to you as onboard credit while on the cruise. The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the cruise. 

Port fees & taxes - These are charged by the cruise line and are mandatory for every passenger. These are not allowed to be comped. The price varies by cruise length and itinerary. The cost per person varies from $80 - $300 per person. A 7-night Caribean cruise is usually around $140 per person. The price of the port fees and taxes for the cruise that you want to book will be listed on the offer on our website. 

How long does it take to book a reservation? 

Once you claim the offer online it usually takes about 2-4 business days for us to negotiate with the cruise line. Once we verify the reservation details with you, the Executive Host assigned ot your account will send your reservation to the cruise line for approval and to open negotiations. 

Upon approval from the cruise line, we will call or email you with the final pricing.