How do comps work on MSC?

This question is specific to: MSC Cruises

Similar to other cruise casinos, you use your room key, or cruise card when playing in order to track and accumulate points. MSC's average is $3.00= 1 point across-the-board. So on the slots, three dollars of coin-in, gives you one point.

If you earn 1200 points or more on a seven-day cruise, then you will automatically receive a voucher for thirty percent off a cruise, for your next cruise.

Once you reach 10,000 points, you're now into the cabin and stateroom categories. From there, the more points you earn, then the higher cabin categories you get all the way up to “Yacht Club” which is the premier cruising experience on MSC.

Something unique about MSC's certificates is that they aren't limited to a list of sailings. The certificates are for ten nights or less anywhere they sail. So you can choose from any itinerary with any destination on any ship unless the sailing is sold out. Plus, if you're comped, it's totally free! 

The motto with MSC, ”Free means free.” So once you receive an offer from URComped or you receive a certificate on-board from your play, then your cruise is absolutely free. MSC takes care of port fees and taxes