How does MSC Status Match work?

This question is specific to: MSC Cruises

If you are a frequent traveler and have a rewards card with any land-based casinos or other cruise companies, MSC will match that up to their equivalent status onboard prior to your sailing. Before you sail, you should go on to and click on “Voyagers Club” and sign up for the status match program in order to receive all of those benefits from when you first experience MSC. You'll send a photo of the reward card that you want to be matched with on MSC. ALWAYS use the highest tier card that you have.

Because of what's been happening lately, MSC has extended all ”Voyagers Club” player's tier status until December 2021.

So if you enrolled and your status expires in 2020, that's going to be extended to 2021, along with those who enroll in 2021, will be extended to 2022.