Bringing money to Renaissance Aruba

  • If guests want to bring in more than $10k ($9,999) Renaissance Aruba would suggest to do so as a wire transfer. If travelers are caught exceeding the customs threshold they will be fined and maybe even detained so to be safe, don’t take any chances.
  •  If guests do a wire transfer – then anything not withdrawn at the casino would be wired back to the guest's account 48-72 hours after departure, the casino is required to wire it and they cannot pay out in cash
  • There is no minimum to wire. There is also no maximum restriction at this time. 

Via Renaissance Aruba:

  • We do not cash checks anywhere on the island.
  • We do offer credit card advances but the terms & fees are dependent on the credit card company. Some credit card companies put a limit on the amount of daily withdrawals.  It is always a good idea for the guest to contact their CC company first since we have witnessed a couple of them being locked because of fraud protection.