How does "Next Cruise" and "Rack up the Rewards" work on Royal Caribbean if I am Comped by the casino/ URComped?

This question is specific to: Cruises / Royal Caribbean

“Rack Up the Rewards” is a great program by Royal Caribbean that provides casino players who earn a certificate onboard with additional benefits on their next Royal Caribbean cruise. To receive those benefits, you need to make your reservation or do the “Pay Now Book Later” option at the NEXT CRUISE desk onboard the ship BEFORE you depart. 

We recommend the “Pay Now, Book Later” option with Next Cruise, as oftentimes your play on the last day of the cruise will result in a better or higher certificate, which you can see in your Royal account portal within 48 hours after your sailing ends. With that being said, you don't have to have a physical certificate to go to the Next Cruise desk and do the “Pay Now, Book Later” option.
 Check your account at

If you do the “Pay Now, Book Later” option, you have 7 days from the end of your cruise to choose a sailing on your certificate that you would like to book. If you don’t like any of the options on the certificate, your “Pay Now, Book Later” deposit can be used towards any cruise that you book within 12 months. (must book within 12 months or the deposit is lost)

Please keep in mind This is a promotion, not a card benefit. This promotion can vary by ship itinerary and may change monthly and discontinue at any time. Please note that a better or higher certificate is not an additional certificate and will replace the lower offer previously given.