How does Next Cruise work on Royal Caribbean if I am Comped by the casino/ URComped?

This question is specific to: Cruises / Royal Caribbean

For players who have sailed with Royal Caribbean before, most of you will be presented with a certificate, the 1st or 2nd day of your cruise, that will be based on your last cruise with Royal Caribbean. So if that was two years ago, or last month, that's what that certificate is based on. You can redeem that at the Next Cruise Desk, or you can wait until the end of the cruise to see if your play increases over what the initially presented certificate was. That can also be redeemed at the next cruise desk. You can also wait to get off the ship and reach out to your URComped Host and we can book that. there are some perks. When you book at the Next Cruise Desk. They do vary depending on the ship, sail date, and what you're looking for. Sometimes you will be offered an extra benefit like free play or onboard credit when booking at the Next Cruise Desk. If you do look at the Next Cruise Desk, a couple of things to keep in mind are URComped cannot access those reservations. You will not lose your eligibility for us to be able to book you. However, it is just going to take us a little bit longer to be able to make any changes or just access that reservation. So if you do book there, send us the reservation number and let us know, so that we can get ahead on that process. If the reservation is not comped, keep in mind these are non-refundable and you've got a really small window to be able to cancel that reservation or make any changes without being subject to penalty or any of your funds being held. 

In a rare circumstance, if Next Cruise Desk can be really busy, and you just can't get an appointment, but you want to get that Next Cruise Benefit before you leave, then go to the casino host onboard. Tell them, "I can't get an appointment at the next cruise desk. Can you please send an email to onshore marketing?" This will create a paper trail that you tried to go Next Cruise, and then as soon as you get off the ship tell your URComped Host what sailing you're trying to book and we'll book it for you. Then we'll send it to get the Next Cruise Benefit added.