I Earned a Cruise Offer from a Land Based Casino- Do I Have to Book it Direct?

We are often asked, "If I earn a cruise certificate (offer) from a land based casino, can I book it through URComped?"

Well there is bad and good news!!

The bad news is, no, we cannot book that exact certificate.


The good news is we can book that same offer and maybe a better one for you.

SO how it works.. Land based casinos use cruise offers to promote their own casino, sometimes through events. The cruise line sets the criteria pretty high in order to receive one of their certificates, because players will stay at land based casinos less days than on a cruise. (The cruise line wants to have a player that will play at a high level for the entirety of the cruise.)

Let's say a player receives one of these certificates for an interior cabin with a list of 15 sailings to choose from from a land based casino.

The offers that URComped gives to a player with the same level of play tend to be higher, because URComped members are more marathon runners than sprinters, and we have reliable data for our cruise line partners. Especially if someone has taken a URComped trip, we can see how they played for an extended time vs. 2-3 days of play at a land based casino. Therefore the cruise line give our players better offers. The player that received an interior cabin with the land based casino, could instead qualify for an ocean view or ocean view- balcony with URComped.

Most of our players are established cruise players, so offers we receive are more aggressive typically and higher in quantity (We may have 200 sailings to choose from for a cruise line.)

There are situations that would be better to book direct. If you have played with URComped before, and you didn't play well on that cruise line (the one you got a certificate for), your offers from us could be lower than the certificate. But once you receive a certificate, the cruise line has to honor it as a direct booking. Learn how your URComped Offers Work and Where They Come From.

In either case, your URComped host will tell you what will get you the best deal, whether booking through us or booking direct.

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