Can I book more than one cruise at a time?

Can I have more than one cruise booked with URComped? There's two answers to this question...

1. If this would be your first URComped sailing, then typically the rule is that you can only have one booked.

That's because cruise lines like to see that somebody actually plays at the level that we think they're going to play at before they let them book multiple cruises. The cruise lines and casinos want to see real play data, before they'll book more than one. They don't want to have somebody who kind of looks like a good player (they've got a nice looking offer uploaded to their profile), book them on multiple cruises, and then they're really not that great of a player.

2. After you've completed that first sailing/trip, and you've proven that you play at the level that we think, or maybe it's higher or lower, then you can book more than one sailing at a time.