Can I use a Certificate to book a Cruise through URComped?


If I earn a cruise certificate on board, or as a tier benefit, can I book it through URComped. Can I give my certificate to someone else?

So let's say you earn a certificate on your first cruise, and now you want to book your second URComped cruise. There are two roads that we can go on. (This is what your URComped host will do to get you the best offer possible.)

1. The certificate is going to have sailings listed at a specific cabin category. If you want to use your certificate, we can only book you on the sailings that are listed at the cabin category that you received (Inside, Ocean View, Balcony). They are not transferable, meaning you wouldn't be able to give your certificate to a friend. 

2. We can use your play data from the trip you earned the certificate on, which is probably pretty good since you earned a certificate, to book you on any of our other sailings or get you a better deal (because of the special relationship we have with our cruise partners.) The certificates have a cash value (ex: $500 or $1,000) as well that can be applied towards the cost of another sailing.

Your URComped host will look at what's going to get you the best deal/ offer!

In regards to using the certificate for a second room, the Cruise lines won't let us transfer certificates, because they're giving it to a player, because of how much that person plays in the casino. They don't want to give it to your 17 year old nephew, that isn't old enough to gamble. The offers are for the person that earn the offer.