What is bankroll or what length is my anticipated bankroll for?


What is a bankroll?

The bankroll amount listed in your account and on your trip request is your planned gambling budget or the amount you usually spend in the casino. Our cruise line and casino partners require that we get this information from you. Your bankroll and the offers that you upload are reviewed by our casino partners when they are determining what kind of comp to approve.
We understand that your bankroll can fluctuate depending on the type or length of trip that you are booking. If your bankroll fluctuates it is important that you let your host know what you plan to bring for the trip you are trying to book so we can be sure that we are getting you the best deal possible.

What length is my "anticipated bankroll" for? Is that for a 7 day cruise? 

When you sign up for URComped, the prompt question asks, "If you took a 7 day cruise, what would your bankroll be?"

BUT! If you are requesting a 5 day cruise, you can state what your bankroll would be for that five day cruise. Ask yourself, "what is my loss limit? What is the most I'll spend in the casino playing?"

We have to be as transparent as possible with the cruise lines and they want to know what level of players they are getting. So bankroll is the budget for whatever length of cruise (or stay) you are planning on going on.

Be sure to state bankroll as accurately as possible. What could get a player suppressed from URComped offers is saying they have a high bankroll and then not playing close to that level.