How does Casino Comping work at MELIA Punta Cana?

Unlike a cruise or Las Vegas, this resort is ALL-INCLUSIVE. There's not any charges for the drinks or food that goes back to the room. The player pays for the room up front (which includes everything), AND the resort is going to comp you based on your play. The resort has very generous comping policy on the back end.  

How does it work? 


The casino is going to comp a player $100 cash comp for every $2500 coin in on slots. (Win or lose)
So for every $25 coin in on slots a player recieves 1 point. 
1 point = $1 
So if you want to get $100 comp, it's 2500 coin in. *Almost all of our players that go on a cruise comped are far exceeding that.*

Table Games

Being conservative for Blackjack, if you're playing $100 average bet at 4 hours, the resort is going to give you $100 cash.
Because Craps is a little bit slower a game, the odds are more on the player's side. The average bet is $150 at 4 hours in order to recieve a $100 cash comp.
Other table games (Roulette, 3 card poker, Let it ride, etc.) actually earn comps faster than blackjack, so that average bet is going to be less than blackjack ($100). 

When will I get this cash comp?
At the start of the next day or the end of the gaming session (It's still a decent hour, not 2am), you can go to the host/ senior manager, and they'll review your play with you. They'll discuss how much coin you had, what your average bet was, and how long you played. Then, the casino will give you cash to use however you want- which can eventually cover what you paid initially and more!
This is an amazing deal, all inclusive, paid up front. As you play, you'll be getting comped so that bill shrink and you may walk away with more money!