Can I book a cabin for my family or just casino players?

Yes, URComped can book more than just gamblers. We have people that bring the kids all the time, but the cruise line won't comp the minors.

To go into detail, if it's a single adult with a child, then the cruise line would comp the adults fair, but they would not comp the child. If it's two adults and one child, they would comp the two adults and the minor would have to pay.

In relation, for example, going from a two-person comp to wanting to book four people the price change is way more than what the player expects. And so we get questions like "If its comped for two why does it cost $3,000 or something for a comp for four?"

To explain- Let's say that for a double occupancy cabin it's $800 per person for two adults. So the comp amount is $1600.

So for 2 adults, the casino has agreed to comp $1600, and the 2 adults then decide to bring 2 kids. The thought process typically makes you think that the kids are less expensive (maybe around $400) so you think that you'd pay $800 for taxes and fees

On the contrary, there are not many quad or 3-person cabins on the ship within the different cabin categories. What happens with a quad, because they're in a lot more demand, instead of the cabin being $800 for the two adults, it jumps up to $1400, even though it's still the same category cabin (balcony, inside, etc.).

So now the price has jumped and the casino is only comping $1600, which doesn't even cover the cost for 2 adults in a Quad cabin, and you still have to pay for kids (maybe $500 per kid).  So this is why sometimes if you're adding extra guests, the price jumps up more than you might think.