To get a comped cruise for 2, do we have to have offers for both people?

To get a cruise totally comped for a couple, do they have to have offers for both people or just for one?

You only have to have one player's offers to get a comped cruise.

It does help to have both because that will show that both people in the cabin play. Generally speaking, the comp would be based on whoever seems to be the bigger player for that first trip. The reason why is that some people go to a land-based casino(we even tell people this to maximize your comps) and both of you play on the same player's card. That way, it looks like you're one player that plays big, and on the next trip, you both play on the other person's players card. Eventually, they both look like two pretty big players, when really they're individually half the amount.

The cruise lines decide who has the better offers and then they'll comp based on that. On your first cruise, after you actually play with us, URComped will combine your play for all future offers. If you want to link your URComped accounts, your offers would be based on your combined play.

In summary, if it's your very first trip, it's tough to combine but can be done. Otherwise, your offers would be just based on one person's offers.