Does URComped work with Land Based Casinos?

Yes, we do. Our big focus and the vast majority of our business is with cruise lines. We have a growing Caribbean casino business; we've got an event in July at Melia Punta Cana, which is going to be a ton of fun.

We do have some partnerships with land-based casinos. It's not something we focus on too much. You'll see on our site that we'll periodically have meetups or offers with Land Based Casinos. We do work with Golden Nugget. Sometimes we'll work with the Venetian. We've done events in Lake Tahoe before.  But our focus is on cruises and Caribbean casinos.

You just need to have taken a trip with URComped before or upload a land-based offer with free play. For these offers, that's going to be key in determining what comp you will get. So if you've played with us, then we'll know right where to put you, but if you haven't, we're going to use offers to qualify you for a stay at one of those resorts. The best way to determine if we work with the land-based casino you'd like to visit is by asking your URComped host.