What if I don't have offers to upload to URComped?

From the perspective that you are a new player, or just you're not getting offers yet from casinos, URComped can book you at a casino rate for certain group events or meetup cruises. That's for players that don't have the gaming history, but they want to prove themselves and establish their play. Casino rate is a discounted rate, which is kind of your best bet.

We don't offer that on every cruise, but we do it on our our big meetup cruises. So if you log in and don't have any offers, you should still see some events with the discounted rate. 

Sometimes if you have a host or even a win/ loss statement from the casino, that could help you get offers. But if you don't have any offers and there's no way for us to prove to the casino that you're a player, then you just book on a casino rate for a meet up event.