Will my casino play with one cruise line affect my offers from another cruise line?

Let's say you're established with one cruise line through URComped at an ocean view level, and then you play slightly less or more on a different cruise line. Would that affect your original offers? The answer is it depends! We silo the offers based on the partner/ cruise line.

If your very first cruise through URComped was with MSC, for example, then we've got the actual play data on that first MSC trip.  All your cruise offers can be based on that until you go on another trip. Let's say you go to a different line, Royal Caribbean, and now your Royal Caribbean offers will be based on just your Royal Caribbean play, and your MSC offers will be based on just your MSC play. The other offers with other cruise lines will be based on the average of the two.

As soon as you start establishing play with individual cruise lines, your offers are based on your play with that specific line.

Because Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are sister companies does that have a different dynamic? No, they're two different cruise lines and they treat play separately.