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Royal Caribbean Review - Seven Stars Insider

Craig Shacklett, interviews 7 Stars Insider, Darryl McEwen, on his first- time experience with Royal Caribbean on board Anthem of the Seas. 

What was your experience on Royal Caribbean?

Darryl McEwen states, "it's been terrific, the Anthem of the Seas. This ship is just incredible. I think it's larger than than the NCL cruise ships I've been on before. At least it seems larger. But I don't notice all the people. There are so many things to do. Everybody has to space themselves out, I guess. So you don't notice that there are like 5000 people on the cruise."

Craig Shacklett mentions that the Anthem of the Seas is larger than the NCL cruise ships that Darryl has been on, because its apart of the Quantum Class- which is the second largest cruise ship class (Royal Caribbean's Oasis is the largest).

Darryl McEwen goes on to say, "We have so many options with all the different bars and the dining options, the theaters; you really can't squeeze it all in, because a lot of times are things overlapping you know, which is good. You'll have to come back on the second trip, because you can't say well, gee, I've already done that, you know, because you still have more things you can do."

What activities did you try on Anthem of the Seas? 

The Seven Stars Insider says," I did the bumper cars, yes. I wanted to do the North Star, the big thing of the sky, but that was too much for the day. So I did the bumper cars, and that was fun. I didn't skydive. I was going to. I should have done it earlier, but the five days just flew by. The weather's been great. I mean, you can't ask for a better cruise, that's for sure."

What was your favorite meal of the trip?

"Oh my favorite meal, I think the lobster tails in the regular complimentary dining room. I've never, you know, in all my years of cruising- which is probably only 6%- I've never seen lobster tails served as an option on a regular dining room menu, and they were delicious!" McEwen said.

How was the service on Royal Caribbean?

Darryl McEwen states, "The service has been absolutely fantastic! I'm traveling with som friends who've got some food allergies. And they are absolutely astounded at the attention to detail and the fact that servers remember. When we checked in, there was a note in there about a gluten allergy or a shellfish allergy. For me, I can eat anything. But I can tell how important it is, because you know with these people- I won't say life or death- but it's very uncomfortable if they have something that they shouldn't. So I really applaud Royal Caribbean for being so attentive to that, because it's an important thing these days."

How was the Anthem of the Seas' Casino?

"Oh, it was great fun. I didn't expect to win. I'm not gonna lie, I did lose. But, I didn't lose a lot. There were lots of options. A lot of the newest games are out there that you would find at your own land based casino.

There's a very large non-smoking section, if you're not a smoker. Even the smoking section, I played there a couple of times on a couple of machines, and the air filtration system is terrific. You really don't even notice it, and I'm a little sensitive to smoke when I'm around friends who smoke.

I think the casino does a great job. You earn points, or earn relatively a small number of points- I think for a five day cruise- you can walk out of here with another free cruise. And that's a nice benefit, plus it's not an either or. You can keep those points and use them toward your bill from your state room- if you made charges, or you can use it as free play. Plus you get the free cruise! So that's a good deal." Darryl McEwen stated. 

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Anthem of the Seas

Beautiful ship, great trip!
I took a friend with me on my first urcomped cruise. We did a 5 day Bermuda cruise on the Anthem. There was a meet up with other comped cruisers and we had a wonderful time. We has an oceanview at the very front of the ship, room was large compared to most. Craig was super nice and great to talk with, he gave me some good info on casino comps. He also have all of us a lucky bag and a lanyard I know I will use on every cruise since it has a nice zipper area for casino cash. I am already planning my next cruise it was such a good experience.
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Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean anthem of the sea
The beds need to be replaced. Room service food was always cold. The quality f the food in the windjammer needs to be improved. The main dining room was great. We were suppose to have connection rooms but didn’t. Staff was great.
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