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URComped's Top 5 Slots Jackpots of the Week - June 17, 2018

We are happy to introduce to Y'all our Weekly URComped's Top 5 Videos of the Week!

Great offers and deals await's you! Come and be one of us! The magic is in your hands.

To begin with, at number 5 spot, we have Mustang Slot Machine... New Cabinet...

What makes this game so unique and special is in the bonus feature when all you have to do is get two horses to retrigger. Kuri retriggered numerous times within this bonus to achieve the jackpot on a $1.80 bet...

Total Jackpot: $1,419.45 

YouTube Creator: Kuri

.01c Machine, $1.80 Bet...


At number 4, Pharaohs Fortune Slot Machine.

This is an older IGT classic that pays nicely when getting into the feature... You get to pick your tiles which chooses your free spins and your multiplier...

Total Jackpot: $1,768.00

YouTube Creator: Lady Luck HQ

$1.00 Machine, $20.00 Bet...


Our number 3 spot, we have Ming Warrior Slot Machine Game.

In this game, the feature either gives you 2x your bonus win or you can get the elusive 8x your bonus win... This yields high returns on this Ainsworth exclusive... 

Total Jackpot: $2,550.00


$1.00 Machine, $25.00 Bet...


Down to our second best video of the week, we have Black Pearl Slot Machine.

This game is a fan favorite in the high limit room because of its locking wilds in the first three reels as well as it’s increasing multiplier...

Total Jackpot: $3,931.00

YouTube Creator: Jeanie C.

$1.00 Machine, $20.00 Bet...


And our top video and the biggest total jackpot of the week is none other than Autumn Moon Slot Machine.  

This game is unique and special amongst fans because of the locking balls that drop down to get into the bonus feature... Slot King Dream landed all the gold balls giving him the top progressive award... Congratulations!!!

Total Jackpot: $11,092.00 

YouTube Creator: Slot King Dream

.02c Machine, $10.00 Bet...


There you have it! Our top 5 videos! Please tune in next week for our all-new set of URComped Top 5 Slot Videos.

Be sure to check your offers and take advantage of the great new deals!

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