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URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week - October 20, 2019

Hello & Welcome Back To Another Great Edition Of URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week - October 20, 2019 Edition


YouTubeCreator = SlotWinner

Game = Lightening Link

Denomination = .02c Machine, $10.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,623.00

Congratulations SlotWinner for making our top 5 slot jackpots of the week again. Lightening link seems to be your go to game and it always seems to pay off for you in the .02c denomination $10 bet. Would you agree???👍👍👍


YouTubeCreator = DeJavu Slots

Game = Red Fortune

Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $20.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,010.00

Welcome back to this weeks top 5 slot jackpots of the week. Your $20 bet on RedFortune slots are always nice to watch. You seem to do well on this one especially during the bonus rounds when you rack up all those extra multipliers. Good Luck!!


YouTubeCreator = Kilauea Slots

Game = Wheel Of Fortune Gold Spin

Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $10.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,250.00

Good Old IGT Slots pack a punch as usual. This time the wheel of fortune Gold Spins. Paid off nicely for you with the $10 gold spin. Thanks for sharing and glad your back in our top 5 slot jackpots of the week. 


YouTubeCreator = LadyLuckHQ

Game = FarmVille Mighty Cash

Denomination = .10c machine, $15.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,793.40

This was a cute game to watch you play. Reminds me of that computer game once called FarmVille but this looks more fun to play since it has to do with slots. The Mighty Cash feature was amazing to watch and you did so well on a $15.00 bet. Congratulations LadyLuckHQ!!


YouTubeCreator = MGSlots21

Game = Dollar Storm

Denomination = .10c Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $4,575.00

Congratulations on earning the top spot this week in our top 5 slot jackpots of the week. Your $25.00 bet really paid off big time on this new lightening link Dollar Storm game. I can’t wait to see these in our local casino and give them a shot. Thanks again for showcasing your video and Good Luck!!

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Casino at Ocean Downs

Always have a good time! Staff is friendly and I usually do well there.
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Casino at Ocean Downs

Craps Banker Loses Control of TABLE DONT GO!!!
I love the casino game of craps and my wife and I are fairly good at playing it. If you know how to play craps, you know that most people will play the Pass Line and do not play the Don’t Pass line. As you read on, here is why you don’t want to play craps at Ocean Downs. On Memorial Weekend my wife and I went to Ocean Downs because we know most of the craps dealers. Here is how the night unfolded. We both went to their newer craps table which has a prop bet called the Fire Bet. We started to roll and 3 guys, who probably had been drinking, joined the table and dropped their buy-in money directly where I was tossing the dice. That was the first sign of them not knowing the proper way to play the game. It got worse when they started playing the D’ont Come and then the D’ont Pass bets. Again as I was ready to toss the dice, they placed late bets in the field cutting across where I toss my dice. The banker said no more late bets, but they ignored her and threw their late bets down anyway. I never said a word during all this poor play and disrespect of the other players around the table. I tossed the dice for almost 5 minutes and it got even worse. Two guys decided to have a loud conversation about “never say SEVEN at the Table. Now they started putting bets in the Field area of the table, just as I tossed the dice. I still remained quiet. I continued to roll for about 15 minutes and all during my roll, these guys keep saying “You can’t say 7 at the table” but they continued to say it louder and LOUDER. After I seven’ed out and finished my turn, I said, “You guys should learn some etiquette about playing craps.” Next was my wife’s turn to roll the dice and they started with the late bets again. I told the stick person to take the dice back to the middle of the table and told the banker, “Either make the troublemakers quit disrupting the game or leave or else we will leave. So we waited for the pit boss to come over and they said Security was called. After 10 minutes of waiting, one Security person arrived. My wife felt it was being handled so she proceeded to get the dice back and take her turn. While the pit boss was talking to one of the guys, the other 2 were still doing late bets and exclaiming “Don’t say SEVEN!!!” After my wife finished her turn, we decided we were done being disrespected by the rowdy players and the uncontrolled play that was permitted by the casino staff. I told the banker, who all this time really lost control of the table, “If you want players like them that is fine, but we will NOT BE BACK!!! The banker did not maintain order and control the table, allowing rowdy players to harass and disrespect the other players at the table. This should have been addressed by all casino staff at the very start but it was handled very poorly and allowed to continue so long. So DON’T go there to play craps. The dealers do a great job but this was the worst I have ever seen in playing craps in many casinos for over 20 years.
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Casino at Ocean Downs

I like the new look. Just wish they didn't take away all the older slot machines. Also not a favorite of the every month play instead of every 3mos. to determine free play amt. Still happy that free play is offered. Thanks.
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Casino at Ocean Downs

We have been coming to Ocean Downs when we would visit the area for years. They recently renovated and all of the fun slots were removed. Very disappointing visit and it seemed like the only people having any fun were at the very expensive tables.
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Casino at Ocean Downs

This is a very comfortable casino, we ran in for about an hour late on a Saturday night. lots of slots, of varying denominations, and some table games. we played the slots and some craps, and had a lot of fun! free parking, handicap accessible, with friendly staff and a well stocked bar. Note - it's illegal for casinos to give free drinks in Maryland, so it's not Vegas, but the bartenders are really nice.
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Casino at Ocean Downs

This is a beautiful casino with many fun slot machines well as tables. Poseidon Restaurant....excellent service and food. Great looking bar and big screen TV's to watch sports. Just have fun.
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Casino at Ocean Downs

I liked it, but they were not very accommodating to new people. There was no welcome pack and we were confused. People behind some of these desks would look at each other as if the other were avoiding their job. Then you would ask a question and the answer was....I don't know. I don't gamble. We got a welcome card after we traveled home that needed to be used the following month. WHAT? Of course I'm not going to use it because I'm home, now. This should have been given to me while I was there. People, let's work on our Public Relations!!!!
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Casino at Ocean Downs

very clean and very friendly . had a very enjoyable time.
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Casino Center Bar

Went to Pizza Rock - always quality food and service and this visit was no difference. Bill was great for 2 for how full we were. Felt like the whole crew was there to take care of us. One of the best restaurants you'll find in any Station property.
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