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Best ship
Beautiful ship, great service, fantastic food.
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Celebrity Edge

Ultimate Texas Holdum
Very hard to get a seat at 3 card or Texas holdum as Casino had a shortage of dealers due to Covid19 quarantine. Also, why does casino not have the updated version of Texas holdum? Newer version gives more options to win. Payoff on pairs , pair of A’s, A and Face card. Also we were told Tuesday 2-6 was $5 tables. Never happened. Casino promo of random drawings for Belvedere Vodka. My wife won. Casino Host recorded cabin number for delivery on last night of cruise. Never delivered. Made calls to GS as Casino was closedown. Sorry if not delivered you just missed out. Really!!! In all my years as a player I have never seen such lucky dealers. Of course the walk around and table to table carrying their “PERSONAL “ deck of cards. Makes me suspicious based on their never luck. Very obvious and suspect.
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Celebrity Edge

Return to the Edge
We got off the ship today and we were also on the first cruise to leave the US on June 26. It is a beautiful ship, nice shops, great staff. I like the 4 free dining options. Normandine was my favorite. The baked brie appetizer is outstanding. Casino paid better on my first cruise than this time. I am impressed that after 3 cruises I was able to reach Sapphire which added $500 in free play, free drink package on the ship and free WiFI ($172 value) Some machines paid better(4 Wonder, buffalo) but I didn't do as well on the video poker. I had an Infinite Veranda. It makes the room larger and I like looking out the large windows. Took a little getting used to compared to the normal balcony but it is growing on me. The best room service I have had on any ship. The food arrive fast, on hot plates, and tasted good. I would go back. Thank you URComped
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