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Celebrity Edge

Beautiful ship
Older crowd - no kids and not much physical entertainment. Ship is pretty quiet and goes ti bed early. Venues wrap up by 11pm.
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Celebrity Edge

Love Celebrity Edge !!
Beautiful ship, food & service excellent !! The casino was great !
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Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol 9.

If you are a URComped member, will you receive offers from Royal Caribbean?

We don't want players to feel like they're missing out on offers so if you're a URComped customer, you have access to all of our offers, and all the Casino Royale offers. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the Club Royale offers come through our website, instead of the Casino Royale website. Royal Caribbean gives us the criteria and has us market their offer for them. It is the exact same offers that are on their website, and there are some cases where we can even get the player a better offer.

Royal Caribbean is continuing developments on their end, so that URComped players will even see those offers Casino Royale's website. With that all being said.. You have all the offers available to you from Royal Caribbean and more!

You are in a better place because you're working with URComped. 

Learn more about active vs inactive players.

Do cruises in Japan open the casino?

One of the trade offs for a cruise ship is if they stay in a port very late at night, then typically the casino cannot be open. And so there's obviously economic decisions the cruise line has to make. They look at how many dollars per hour they typically make when the casinos open. Cruise lines bring a huge number of tourists to the Bahamas, but the the casinos that are on the island (Atlantis, Baha Mar) don't want the cruise ship casino open because that affects them.

Japan is one of those places where they are strict on casinos. It's beyond just an overnight in Japan, where casinos won't open. It's at least between 3-12 nautical miles. The casino is not open because those ports are so close together, the ship doesn't get far enough out to sea.. 

When will URComped have Virgin Cruise Offers/ Comps?

We now have Virgin Voyages Comp Offers for qualified casino players! 

How does Celebrity Cruise Line rate casino players?

Currently, Celebrity Cruise Line doesn't have as straight forward of a point system as Royal Caribbean does. Celebrity doesn't have the clear onboard certificate program either. BUT, that's something to expect a change in Q1 of 2020. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are owned by the same company, but they operate very differently on different programs.

Celebrity and Royal are starting to work closer together, so they're going to have to have their programs become more similar. I would expect at the beginning of the year 2020, we're going to get a lot more clarity on Celebrity Cruise Line's point system.

As we receive more information, it will be shared!

Why do I qualify for different cabin categories when the price of the sailings are the same online?

So let's say you qualify for a Balcony on a meetup cruise and qualify for a discounted rate for another sailing through URComped. Then you go online to the cruise line's website and see the retail price for both these sailings are almost identical. So the question is... Why do I qualify for two different comps on two different sailings that are the same price?

Most of the time, the casino rates that we get are far better than the non refundable travel agent rates or whatever they're pushing. Sometimes the casino rates and the travel agent rates are the same. Very rarely are the travel agent rates better than the casino rate, which we have access too, and can book players at the best rate.

So on that meetup cruise, the casino rate is way lower, and that's why you see a comp balcony. Whereas on that other cruise, the casino rates are close to, or the same as, the travel agent rates. That is why you are seeing that difference in your Comp level for the sailing. 

Back when the Celebrity Edge came out, they were selling retail balconies for $7,000. Celebrity came to us 3-6 months out asking us to bring some players and fill some of these cabins. On that sailing, the casino hidden rate was "next to nothing," so we were able to get really aggressive with our offers. But when you look online you see, "Oh, that's a $7,000 cabin, and I'm getting it for free. Why can't I get a comp on this Royal ship, where the cabin is only $3000." The math makes sense, but the reason why is because there are all these different rates that are not made public.

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (ITS FREE) upload offers that you've received from either land-based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for! 

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Celebrity Edge

Cruise was fantastic. New ship was a cut above. The guests and crew were excellent and complemented each other. All is good in the new ship category
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Celebrity Edge

Slot machine sucked but ship was nice
The ship was nice, clean and new. No long lines at buffet and food was of good quality (deserts were hit or miss). We tried the food in all of the 4 non premium dining halls and liked Cyprus (Mediterranean) the best exclusive menu choices & ambiance, followed by Normandie (French), followed by Cosmopolitan (new American) and Tuscan (Italian) least favorite both menu choices and decor. Getting on the ship and off the ship including tender was done very well and one of the best I have experienced. The ship never felt cramped (might not have been full) but there were more kids than normal due to the promotion. Our cabin was a ocean view stateroom comped by the casino, the room was well furnished and adequately spacious for two of us. However, we head grinding noise from above (like chairs or tables were being dragged) especially at night. Doing anything on 16th floor was a challenge especially at night with strong wind and this is where the movies were projected at night. Worst slot casino payout on the sea I have ever been and this was an opinion shared by many who were the casino playing both tables and slots. I played exclusively slots on all but one night (7 night cruise) and sunk several K without hitting any kind of jackpot once and didn't see anyone else hit one either during the time I was there. However, the casino staff was courteous.
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Celebrity Edge

What’s not to love, edge is brand new, clean and not at all crowded
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Celebrity Edge

Beautiful Ship
This is a great ship and the ports are good too. Staff is very friendly and the food was excellent. Was a little surprised that there weren't any special perks or anything sent to us while on the ship.
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