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URComped's Top 5 Slots Jackpots of the Week - June 12, 2018

With much pride, we would like to introduce to you all our Weekly URComped's Top 5 Videos of the Week!

Greats offers and deals await's you! Come and join us! The magic is in your hands.

Double Bucks Slot Machine is at number 5 spot.

This is an old-school slot machine, 3 Reels. The double buck symbol landed with the purple 7’s nailing a huge win for AKAFUJI SLOTS!

Total Jackpot: $1,200.00

YouTube Creator: AKAFUJI SLOTS

$1.00 Machine, $3.00 Bet


At number 4, Purr-Fect Cat Nap Slot Machine Game.

This game during the feature has special wilds that land randomly and when they do they expand to make the whole reel wild generating monster wins!

Total Jackpot: $1,431.00 

YouTube Creator: Vegas Low Roller

.01c Machine, $2.50 Bet


Our number 3 spot, we have Buffalo Gold Slot Machine.

Once again the gold buffalo heads showed up to nail a huge win for Windy City Frenzy on a $3.60 bet!

Total Jackpot: $2,795.30

YouTube Creator: Windy City Frenzy

.01c Machine, $3.60 Bet


Down to our second best video of the week, we have Choy Coin DOA Slot Machine.

This game has multiple features but in this case, EZ Life got the gold coin feature which resulted in an instant $3,000.00 win, pretty impressive EZ!!

Total Jackpot: $3,000.00 

YouTube Creator: E-Life Slot Jackpots

.01c Machine, $6.00 Bet


And our top video of the week is none other than Dangerous Beauty Slot Machine!

This game has a maxi and a minor progressive jackpot that can hit anytime during the feature. Watch this video to see what happens next. WoW!!

Total Jackpot: $3,243.49

YouTube Creator: The Big Payback

.01c Machine, $2.00 Bet


There you have it! Our top 5 videos! Please tune in next week for our all-new set of URComped Top 5 Slot Videos.

Be sure to check your offers and take advantage of the great new deals!

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