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MSC Seaside

My Seaside review
MSC does not do designated times check in so you have the zig zag line to wait in a couple of times. Took us a little over an hour to get all checked in and onboard. Did not want our picture taken before boarding but they would not allow us to just walk around it and made us do the picture. Later they sent them to our room with a folder that if you didn't want them you had to check the NO box and give back to room steward or they would charge you for them. We did check the NO box and gave back to our steward almost immediately but they still charged us. In order to put cash on your account you must visit the customer service desk, of course that line the first day and a half was much to long so I waited till later the first full day and it wasn't so bad. The room was ok, just as I expected as per other cruise lines however I think the bathroom was smaller and could have a better layout for more space. The lights only work with your card in the slot by the door, tried other kinds of cards and they would not work. No wash cloths so you will have to ask for them. No bar soap in the bathroom either just liquid soap. Using the liquid soap with washcloth doesn't really work very well so I bought a luffa at port. We ate at the MDR each night. I thought the food was very good but the presentation could have been better. Selections were good but I prefer having at least one new exotic thing to try each night which I did not see on the menu. The first night you had to find your table so the line was a little long but every night after you just walked to your table and sat down. I do not remember any sail away party, maybe I just missed it. I had to make about 7 trips to the customer service to get things straight. Linking your credit card was very easy at the kiosk. No on to the casino. The casino was smaller that I am used to. I don't play table games but did notice that there is no craps table and not a whole lot of other table games. I am a smoker when gambling. The smoking section is back side of the slot area, there is a sign designating this. Also, you are not allowed to smoke anywhere in the casino when the ship is in port. Ashtrays are very hard to find when you can smoke. A good deal of the machines you are able to change the denomination to whatever you like. There were alot of hand pays won for the size of this casino. I won a major worth $910.00. Another passenger won $11,500.00, another $4.500.00 and a lot of hand pays that were above $1,000.00. The casino closes every night at 2:00am. The drink servers were very good and quick. Of course on sea days the casino was very crowded so it was a little slower at this time. All of the casino staff was wonderful, I can't praise them enough. 9,999 points gets you a free inside for two, upgrade to OV was like $359 but since I didn't qualify for this I don't know the other amounts for sure. I think the fee to upgrade to balcony was over $1,100.00 We went to two different shows, the most popular was Starwalker (Michael Jackson), we reserved on our first night and ended up standing the whole show because they don't check when you enter whether or not you have reserved so the seating was not sufficient. Get there early to get your seat even if you reserved. I purchased the fun pass before hand for $100 and received $160 credit. Zip line was $10 each, 5D was $10 each, F! simulator was $10 each which seemed to be very popular most of the week. Air hockey and both racing games were $1.50 each. Any game that you could win a prize was not included in the fun pass so beware. There were 2 bowling lanes which we did not try. If there is anything you would like to know just ask and I will try to answer.
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URComped’s Top 5 Slot Video Jackpots Of The Week - March 3, 2019

Hello & welcome back fans of URComped. This week we have a new and exciting edition of our top 5 Slot Jackpots of the week - March 3, 2019. Let’s get right into our #5 pick of the week. 

You Tube Creator = SlotWinner

Game = FU NAN NU

Denomination = .01c Machine, $8.80

Total Jackpot = $1,964.00

This game plays out a lot like FuDaLau. It had very similar characteristics. Getting that blackout screen within the bonus must be so exhilarating to watch let alone play. Congratulations!


You Tube Creator = Palm Spring Spinners

Game = Jackpot Streams

Denomination = .25c Machine, $12.50 per spin

Total Jackpot = $4,188.91

What makes this game so interesting is in the jackpot stream bonus where the coin pushes down on the prizes to possibly get a major progressive just like Palm Spring Spinners did here. So amazing to watch and so amazing for you both to catch this live. That was so much fun to witness. 


You Tube Creator = SD Guy 1234

Game = China Shores

Denomination = .01c Machine, $4.50 Bet...

Total Jackpot = $4,673.00

SD Guy does it again this week. All those free spins on China Shores plus at the end, you picked the mystery bonus prize to boost your already amazing win. This China Shores game has loads and loads of potential with all those free spins that you can land. 



Game = Dragon Link

Denomination = $2.00 Machine, $50.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $8,050.00

This game is beginning to become one of my favorites to watch and play. Seeing you play this at $50.00 a Spin made me hold my breath in anticipation of you getting that bonus feature which you did and nailed! WoW! Good Job

And lastly, our #1 pick of the week...

You Tube Creator = Ross Bybee

Game = Lightening Link

Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $50.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $64,285.00

First ever $1.00 Machine grand jackpot caught live by Ross Bybee @ $50 a pop. Truly amazing and big time congratulations! You earned the #1 Slot this week in our top 5 Slot Jackpots of the week. 

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