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Caesars Palace

After our dissatisfaction with other casino go big with Augustus Suites and descent wins...
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URComped’s Top 5 Slot Video Jackpots Of The Week - November 11, 2018

Welcome Back URComped Fan’s To Another Amazing Edition Of URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week - November 11, 2018 Let’s Get Right Into The Action With Our # 5 Pick Of The Week.


You Tube Creator = MGSlots 21

Game = Lightening Cash, Magic Pearl

Denomination = .10c Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,400.00

The lightening link Slots strike again with this fan favorite. These games are so popular in the casinos these days that they actually have there own Lightening Link lounges where you can just play these machines. 


You Tube Creator = SlotWinner

Game = Cleopatra II

Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $60.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $3,000.00

This high limit classic, Cleo II is so fun to play and especially when you nail the bomb on a $60.00 bet. With each bonus spin, the multiplier increases by 1 giving you such a huge possibility of a large win and jackpot. 


You Tube Creator = OKslots of_fun

Game = Double Freedom Reels

Denomination = $5.00 Machine, $15.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $3,200.00

What makes these games so fun and special to play is the red screen feature where when you get the red screen feature, your almost guaranteed a monster win or even a hand-pay. If you have never seen these games in action, watch this whole video till the end. 


You Tube Creator = Dejavu Slots


Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $40.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $16,528.00

What makes this game so interesting and fun to play is when you get into the bonus feature where you can get servers bonus spins with tons of retriggers giving you the opportunity to score massive Jackpots. This is an old school Konami Slot Machine. 

And Finally, Our Top Pick Of The Week Goes Out To The Big Jackpot For His Massive Win! Congratulations RAJA!


You Tube Creator = The Big Jackpot 

Game = Golden Goddess

Denomination = $25.00 Machine, $750.00 A Spin 

Total Jackpot = $62,925.00

This IGT Classic is another huge fan favorite in the casinos nationwide and also one of The Big Jackpots favorite game to play besides The Black Widow. Raja nailed this #MONSTERJACKPOT on a $750.00 spin in the bonus round. And for that reason alone, he has earned our top spot of the week in our top 5 Slot jackpot of the week. Congratulations!

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having fun
I love coming to quilceda to play slot machines even though I never get lucky. ive never won but its fun and enjoy the people who work there
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