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MSC Divina

Divina Cruise
We thought the accommodations was fine and the ship was very clean. The staff was exception especially during dinner service with Constance. The staff in the buffet was always accommodating and helpful especially Brigit Garcia. The casino staff was very courteous and Sunshine went above and beyond. She went above and beyond making sure my wife and I had an enjoyable experience. The slots were not paying off to have some additional playing time. The shows were pretty good with some really good vocal performers along with the wonderful dancers. Given the opportunity we would definitely cruise the Divina again.
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MSC Divina

Wonderful Cruise
There was nothing that was disappointing to me on the cruise. The staff was wonderful casino was fun too I hope they had more slots but I still had fun we definitely would do another MSC cruise
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MSC Divina

Great cruise!
Just got back from 1st time on MSC. Ship was very nice, crew extremely friendly, shows outstanding . Food was ok. Had a wonderful week on Davina. Would definitely go again.
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MSC 2021 Meetup with URComped

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, sits with MSC Cruises' Head of Player Development, Neil Gumbs, to talk about URComped's MSC Meetup 2021, MSC becoming the first cruise line to sail after the ban and new MSC updates.

MSC Steps out

After, what seemed like, endless months of not being able to sail at all, MSC Cruise Line is now the first major cruise line to be back sailing in the Mediterranean.  They devised new health and safety protocols and ensured that all policies and procedures were put into place. Once they got the green light from the Italian government on August 15, 2020, their confidence level increased about getting back in the sea.

The MSC Grandiosa set sail on August 16, 2020. Within the Mediterranean, MSC has multiple embarkation ports meaning guests get onboard as the cruise continues. While the Grandiosa was in Civitavecchia, Rome more passengers joined the cruise as well as the other ports of call:  Genoa and Naples, Italy.

MSC is continuing to add more ships in the water including the MSC Magnifica which will sail from Bari,  Italy, on August 29, 2020 and take its passengers to Athens, Greece. They expect this cruise to follow the Grandiosa in being a complete success.

MSC Health Protocols

MSC has gone above and beyond to ensure their guests feel safe and comfortable onboard. On top of all the intense cleaning, any guests that are sailing will go through a rigorous screening before they can get on the ship.  The screening includes a temperature check, a questionnaire, and a rapid COVID test. Social distancing is implemented as well as masks being worn onboard.

URComped Meetup on the MSC Meravigila

 URComped has had an amazing relationship with MSC Cruise Line. We have scheduled an MSC Meetup Cruise onboard the gorgeous Meraviglia for July 10, 2021. It will be a 7- night cruise leaving from Miami. With stops in San Juan, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, and MSC's new private island Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, this cruise will be unforgettable. There will be cocktail parties, nightly raffles, a slot pull and other special events just for URComped members.

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, and MSC's Head of Player Development, Neil Gumbs, plan to be onboard to host this fantastic cruise. The two have hosted one of URComped's record-breaking meetups onboard the MSC Armonia 2019 New Years Cruise to Cuba. There were tons of URComped members onboard. The energy was phenomenal and the casino atmosphere was out of this world. 

MSC Updates

In other news, MSC is relocating the MSC Seaside to Port Canaveral! This will be a new addition to MSC's homeports in the USA. They are planning to start regular three and four-day sailings from Port Canaveral to add shorter itinerary options,  which will include a stop at Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.  The beautiful MSC Seaside is massive and will also do seven-night cruises as well. MSC's casino has a great selection of slot machines, table games, and some of the best-looking casino floors in the industry. The casino is thoroughly taken care of and there have been some exciting jackpots. Because MSC is a European based cruise line, they run on an honor system meaning... If you hit a jackpot, it is up to you to report it to the IRS.

Join the MSC Meetup July 10, 2020 on MSC Meraviglia

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Casino Comped Questions with Craig Vol 12.

What do you do with points earned in Royal Caribbean's Casino? 

Let's say you're racking up the points on Royal Caribbean trying to get a cruise certificate (Inside cabin= 2400 pts.) Not only do points earn you a cruise certificate, but they can do even more! There are 2 options: 

You can either download them for credits on a slot machine, or you can see the casino host before the end of the cruise, and when they run the report on the last day, they will apply those points towards your folio. The value of the points is 2 cents per point when it comes to comp or slot dollars.

What is an easy way to find an international cruise on

The Cruise Search Tool! So if you are logged in, select the tab that says "Tools", and then select "Cruise Search". You can filter by departure port. It could be Rome, Barcelona, Sydney, Singapore, and more. If it's an international departure port, it's more than likely going to be an international cruise. There are transatlantic which can be tricky because they may leave from a domestic port like Miami.

Will MSC reduce the point requirement for casino cruise certificates?

That is something that we've talked to MSC about. The MSC onboard certificates have a higher point requirement than other cruise lines. For example, 10,000 points on MSC would get an inside cabin certificate, but on Royal Caribbean would get a balcony cabin certificate. It is a very high threshold, and we've definitely made it known to them. They are working on a new structure for their loyalty program. We are not sure what the timeline is on that, but they definitely know that their certificate program is a little bit out of line with the rest of the market.

In addition, we're working on getting more offers from MSC which we can promote, and typically give a better offer than the certificate that was earned.

Does URComped offer cruises from North East U.S. ports? 

YES! We've got a name meetup cruise out of Bayonne in May. We upload batches of Royal Caribbean offers monthly, so keep an eye on there for Baltimore Boston, Bayonne. We will keep adding more and hopefully,  get this new New York sailings from MSC. We are supposed to get some new offers from Celebrity and they sail out of New York too.

Which cruise ships are kid-friendly?

I've got 3 kids, and I've taken them on Royal Caribbean Oasis Class ships and on the Mariner of the Seas and Royal Caribbean does a great job with kids. I've taken them on the MSC Armonia, and there wasn't a lot for kids, but on the MSC Seaview, which is the sistership the Seaside, there's a lot to do for kids. And we went on the MSC Divina with the kids and there's a lot. So the MSC Seaside, MSC Divina and then any Royal Caribbean ship are going to have a lot of kid stuff to do.

Will bad play in one cruise line's casino put booked trips at risk?

Potentially. This is pretty rare and is determined on a case by case basis. Most players we book are consistent when it comes to their play. But anytime you don't play on a trip it will affect future offers. If you don't play in Cruise Line A's casino and you have 2 more comped trips booked through Cruise Line A after that trip, then they may look at your future trips and reevaluate the comp. They'll look at how big the investment is on their part.  There's not like a hard and fast policy on it, but it could be concerning and would definitely affect future URComped offers if play dropped off.

How do trade-in value cruise certificates work?

A lot of cruise certificates will say a cabin type offer or trade-in Dollar Amount. On the back, it will have a list of 20-40 sailings where you can use that certificate for a the specific cabin offer. That means if you were to choose a sailing, not on the certificate, the cruise line would look at the price of the sailing you chose and deduct the dollar amount of the certificate from the sailing's price. 

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (IT'S FREE) upload offers that you've received from either land-based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for! 

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MSC Divina

MSC Divina Casino
I will NEVER again sail on MSC Divina! No one can give you a straight answer as to how many $$ for a point. Was told it "Does Not" go by dollars, it goes by your minimum bet x how long you play. I spent over 4K and barely got over 3900 pts. Very confusing and very hard to get points. Smoking... we were limited to 2 rows in the entire casino to smoke. Those areas were always packed had to wait for machines while the non-smoking sections were empty. Then had to put up with the nasty comments by the non-smokers who were playing in our smoking section and complaining about the smoke. Had a mobility scooter and had to leave it in the hallway because the room was too small, the shower was very tiny. The music and were opera, tango and violins, I'm 65 not 100. Ship was too old for me. lol The waitress in the casino were the best! I had an amazing room steward. One of the photographers walked with us in Jamaica and went above and beyond to insure our safety. Just wish they were on another cruise line. The passengers where mostly European and a lot of them VERY rude. They would jump lines let elevator doors close in your face while your trying to get in.
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Jamie boy

MSC Divina

Ship food and staff were good casino was the worst experience ever!!
First off let me thank Lexi for this 10-day vacation comped The ship is very beautiful the balcony statement a little small but nice Was very worried about the food after reading all about reviewers however some of the best food we've ever had of course you're going to like it all but the majority of it was very good ******Casino****** Where to begin Accumulating points on MSC Cruise lineis like playing a slot machine you never know what you're going to get there is no system they tell you $3point when the reality is some machines are $7.50 some machines are $5 some machines are $3 on point Incredibly tight machine in 10 days saw 5 jackpot on the entire boat I earned 8700 points in 10 days let's just say I spent well above 6 k on slots ****9999 points needed for a free Cruise***** Me personally I will never again sale on MSC
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MSC Divina

Nice ship! Ok service
The ship was really nice, good layout. We had sailed Carnival many times before this and were excited to try out another cruiseline. One thing we noticed was the staff wasn't as friendly as I was used to with Carnival. They didn't say hello in the halls and I didn't see as many smiles. Just an interesting difference. The casino was nice, lots of new machine and of course the classics. My wife and I hit the buffalo and Aztec temple almost every night the casino was open
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