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VGT Machines
Please listen everyone they have control over theses machines they don’t let them spin hardly no more if they do the patterns 95% “Open Vee” they are ruthless with taking money. I hate there machines I do believe they are connected to your cards because you don’t play with them you can hit but with them it calculates something in the system to spin different they know what they are doing but it sucks
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Grand Via Buffet

Subpar Food - Sad Eating Experience
Me, my husband and a friend went to the Casino to gamble and was became hungry. We decided to forgo the other restaurants and decided to eat at the Grand Via Buffet. $31.83 later, we found ourselves rejecting the various food items on the food line as the food was extremely subpar, lacked texture, flavor and the level expected for the buffet price. I honestly couldn't recognize the flavor of the "teriyaki" chicken, the clammy pork dumplings, the salty orange chicken and the flavorless bread putting. All three of us were extremely upset and settled on getting ice cream as they could not mess that up. Needless to say, my husband use to frequent this buffet last year with his residents at the facility he worked at. He used to rave about the selection and quality of food, so he was highly disappointed when they did not deliver the quality he was used to. I wish we could get our money back. I understand Covid-19 has caused some changes, but food quality, appearance and taste should never be compromised. Sad day at Grand Via Buffet!!!
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